$800 5 Day/night Kentucky Deer Hunting Trip - Bow Hunt

$800 per person
$100 after 1 guest

Capacity and duration
Capacity of 4 people
Duration of 5 Days

About trip
5 days/nights. 125' minimum buck rule $200 self-imposed fine for undersized deer. No does to be shot during this time unless requested in advance, then will allow 1 for $200 additional. Free cabin use.

We don't cook for you or walk you to your stands. Corn is included in the trip and places are baited about 11 months out of the year (turkey season they must be shut off). 13+ food plots to hunt over with all ladder stands and tower box blinds in place.

Review my website for description of my place. It's not a million dollar lodge. Very basic. Some people stay in a $49 motel 20 minutes down the road. It has gas heat, gas lights, bunkbeds, etc... but that's just about it.

Upon booking you'll be mailed out locations of all food plots, what's in each food plot, where the ladders stands are on each food plot, where the auto-feeders are, all trails, cabin location, where to pick up keys, etc.

Species targeted
Whitetail Deer
Whitetail Deer

Techniques targeted

Hunt difficulty

Non hunter price and minimum hunters
Non-hunter price: $50
Minimum hunters: 2

What to bring
Bow & Gun

Trip policies
Smoking Allowed:
Alcohol Allowed:
Children Allowed:
Dogs Allowed:
Airport Pickup:
Not Included
No Shot Possible:

Trophy fees
No hidden fees. Just buy a license at Wal-Mart...guaranteed licenses unless your wanted for murder.

Cancellation policy
If you cancel 60 days out or more you money can be used for next years hunt at the same date.

Deposit and payment policy
50% required to book. Balance due 60 days prior to your arrival.

Best time to go
* #10 rating = Excellent

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