5 Day Deer/Antelope Combo Hunt

$5,700 per person

Capacity and duration
Capacity not specified
Duration of 5 Day

About trip
All of our hunting is spot and stalk. We spend a lot of time looking through good quality optics, sizing up what we are looking at and then letting the hunter decide if that is the trophy that he or she wants to take home. It is the clients trip, they make the final decision as to what they harvest, our duty as your guide, is to find the trophy and give some input as far as quality is concerned, you make the call. Once the decision is made, the stalk comes next. We will get you into your shooting "comfort zone", or we will pull away and wait until we can and not force it. By doing this, we have been able to not spook game and the cases of wounded animals has been kept to zero.

Our accommodations are very comfortable. One is an older style ranch house that has been fixed up to accommodate hunters, complete with a hot shower, bunk beds and plenty of lounging room. There has been many hours spent in this house exchanging old hunting stories about "back in the day". The other house is our personal residence. The lower level has been designed to house clients. This is very comfortable as well. As always, a hot shower, comfortable beds, a fun and friendly atmosphere, good food, beautiful scenery and plenty of hunting stories will make you feel right at home.

All of our meals are prepared by outstanding cooks. They are home style meals that will stick with you for quite sometime and if you go away hungry it is your own fault. Breakfast consists of muffins, breakfast meat, coffee and juice, somewhat on the lighter side. Lunch is often times eaten on the tailgate of the suburban and consists of huge sandwiches, salads, coffee, and desert. The dinners are superb, serving large portions of meat, potatoes, salads, hot dishes and yes, big deserts. Most clients leave heavier than what they were when they arrived, or so they say. Both houses have refrigerators fully stocked with your favorite beverages and the "make yourself at home" atmosphere is in effect at all times.

Species targeted
Blacktail Deer
Blacktail Deer

Cancellation policy
Returns and cancellations will be made upon these terms:
1) Death in the family.
2) Death of the client, (money will be returned to family).
Each case will be handled on an individual basis.

Deposit and payment policy
50% deposit required at time of booking the hunt and when license application is received. Balance of hunt is due at time of arrival prior to hunting.

Deposit can be made with personal check or money order. Balance of hunt must be paid in cash, cashiers check or money order.

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