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Ciervo Hispánico (Sp), Spanischer Rothirsch (G), Cerf d’Espagne (F).

A smaller race, with stags weighing 180-220 pounds (82-100 kg). Compared to the European red deer, the coat is not as thick and is somewhat lighter in color. Antlers are not as long or heavy, but are still very fine, sometimes with as many as 18-20 points (or even more) and a high incidence of crowning.


Deciduous forest and bush in highland areas. Also flat ,sandy scrubland in the Coto de Dona region of southwestern Spain.


Spain. There is also a small population in southeastern Portugal.


Spain is estimated to have 350,000 red deer, with hunting excellent. Most (about 35,000 a season) are taken during monterias, which are elaborate drives involving many beaters and dogs over prepared ground. This is the classic method, rich with tradition, that is favored by many Spanish hunters. However, opportunities for good trophies are better when individual stags are glassed and stalked, especially during the rut or “roar” in the second half of September.

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Red Deer

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