Kayak Fishing Trip


Capacity and duration
Capacity of 1 person
Duration not specified

About trip
Through kayaking you can experience the rich Louisiana landscape and wildlife in a way that you will never forget. Even without fishing there is plenty of fun to be had just by experiencing the nature up close and personal in a kayak. If you have never fished from a kayak you are in for a treat. Nothing compares to the excitement of hooking into a big red and being towed around as if you were on a sleigh ride. We offer Kayak Fishing, Kayak Tours and Mother ship Kayak Adventures.

Kayak fishing and tours are provided through our partnership with Kayak Venice. Kayak Venice has been kayaking these waters for over 7 years, their guides are professional, experienced, and great at teaching beginners! If you are not a beginner you'll enjoy the vast insight and tips that their guides can provide about the fishing in this area.

Rental Kayaks Available - $75 per kayak. includes rods, tackle, and life-jacket

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