Mountain Goat


Capacity and duration
Capacity not specified
Duration of 11 Hours

About trip
At North River Outfitting, we believe that we offer one of the best Mountain Goat hunts available anywhere in North America. The scenery, the attention to detail, and of course our trophy mountain goats make it an excellent experience.

In addition to trophy mountain goats, this wilderness area is home to four other species with B&C trophy potential. We pride ourselves in offering one of the very best combo hunting experiences. Mountain goat is available in combination with moose, mountain caribou, stone sheep or grizzly.

Mountain goats are distributed throughout British Columbia, with our area in the Cassair Mountains holding a strong, healthy population. Like the other species in our area, our mountain goat hunts offer a real chance at taking a B&C class mountain goat.

Mountain goats are capable of traversing sheer cliffs with ledges only inches wide. They can leap up, down and across spaces spanning twelve feet. The mountain goat is truly a spectacular and powerful animal.

In our hunting area, mountain goats can be seen high on distant cliffs while hunting Moose and Caribou. However, the goats come down from the cliffs to feed in alpine basins in the early mornings and evenings.

Species targeted
Mountain Goat
Mountain Goat

Not included in trip
Hunting License

What to bring
Bow & Gun
Ammunition &/or Arrows
Warm Clothing
Range Finder

Trophy fees
Meat Processing and Taxidermy: is not included in the cost of your hunt. The paperwork required to ship your trophy is done by an independent taxidermist. Due to the remoteness of our area, it can be very expensive to transport the meat home. This is done at the Client's expense. Please inform us well in advance if you plan to take your meat home. We do not butcher meat and this will be your responsibility.

Deposit and payment policy
Deposits: are non-refundable, so we suggest travel cancellation insurance in the event that you cannot show up for your hunt.

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