Stone Sheep


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Capacity not specified
Duration of 15 Days

About trip
At North River Stone, our hunting area has one of the most prolific Stone Sheep populations in North America. These beautiful animals can only be found in northern British Columbia and the southern Yukon border. Because they are found nowhere else in the world, it makes these rams one of the most sought-after big game species.

While you may think that stone sheep were named after their environment, they actually take their name from an early explorer, Andrew Stone of Missoula, MT. Stone discovered them during multiple expeditions to BC between 1896 and 1902.

Of the four North American sheep (dall, bighorn, desert bighorn and stone), it is the stone sheep that presents the toughest challenge to hunt. Stone sheep are extremely well camouflaged with their environment and can become almost invisible to the eye. Stone sheep rams also stay in small bachelor groups. Their ability to navigate steep cliffs and ledges creates an epic challenge for any hunter.

Here at North River Outfitting, our stone sheep hunts are 14 days. The best time to hunt is August through September. September hunters may add other species to their hunt. A stone sheep ram will remain priority when adding other species.

The Cassiar Mountain's Stone Sheep population is stable, with a healthy supply of Rams to hunt. However, we very carefully harvest rams in our area and we only take a very limited number of hunters each year. If you are interested in a stone sheep hunt, we recommend booking well in advance.

Species targeted
Stone's Sheep
Stone's Sheep

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Bow & Gun
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Trophy fees
Meat Processing and Taxidermy: is not included in the cost of your hunt. The paperwork required to ship your trophy is done by an independent taxidermist. Due to the remoteness of our area, it can be very expensive to transport the meat home. This is done at the Client's expense. Please inform us well in advance if you plan to take your meat home. We do not butcher meat and this will be your responsibility.

Deposit and payment policy
Deposits: are non-refundable, so we suggest travel cancellation insurance in the event that you cannot show up for your hunt.

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