Whitetail Deer Rifle Hunts


Capacity and duration
Capacity of 1 person
Duration not specified

About trip
We keep the total number of Whitetail deer hunters booked every season to a very low number insuring an increased success rate. Book one of our Kansas Deer Hunts just once and I promise you will come back too! For a look at the Kansas Trophy Whitetail deer that are waiting for you just take a look at our trail cam pictures!

We can of course customize our guided Kansas Whitetail Deer Hunts to suit your needs by adding extra days or additional hunts. Our Kansas Deer Hunts are semi-guided. Your guide will take you to and from your stand. This is your hunt! I will tailor your hunt to meet your needs. You tell me what you want and I will make it happen. If you would like to arrange for a fully guided hunt I can arrange for a guide to stay with you for a small fee. Once your trophy is down, give us a call and we will pick you up and haul your deer out for you. We will field dress your deer only. We would be glad to cape and process your deer for an extra fee.

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