Half Day


Capacity and duration
Capacity of 1 person
Duration not specified

About trip
Half Day fishing charters are the easiest way to get out on the water and catch some lunch or dinner; and then get into some bigger fish fights as we work our way up the food chain. Every day starts with bait fishing. It is the single most important thing we can do to insure success. Even though big fish eat little fish down here; we still manage to catch a lot of big fish on frozen and cut bait too. Once we get a good chum slick flowing in the current and schools of fish start coming up to the boat; there are excellent opportunities for all kinds of species to get in on the act. One of the best things of the Florida Keys is the amazing biodiversity. Anything can happen on any given day if you have a hook in the water and the sheer number of different species available from food fish to fighting fish is truly impressive. Hurricane Hole Marina also serves an outstanding “Cook your Catch” right there at the marina restaurant. I will fillet your fish for you as you watch and you can sit right down at the restaurant and enjoy your fish blackened, grilled, or fried. It couldn’t be any more fresh.

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