Half Day Charter

$750 per person

Capacity and duration
Capacity of 4 people
Duration of 4 Hours

About trip
Offshore fishing around Key West offers many species of fish both swimming the surface of the water, deep in the water column and on the bottom of the ocean. Certain times of the year we fish for certain fish because they are feeding near the surface or temperatures permit these species to enter shallower water to feed.
Offshore fly fishing has many opportunities throughout the year, there are many species of fish here in the Keys that can be sight casted to in deep water. Odyssea uses live bait to entice fish to the surface which allows the angler to cast and effectively fish with a fly rod.
Reef and Wreck fishing offers many species of fish equal to what we find offshore.
Swordfishing is mainly done at night. It has to be very calm waters and we run out around 18 miles from Key West and drift along the wall, where the depth of the Ocean drops to over 1000ft. Some fisherman say the full moon is the best time to go swordfishing if you can hit it just right. These fish are amazing and come all the way to the surface to eat. And when they eat... hold on. These fish are so powerful it is difficult to describe.
Spearfishing in Key West is one of Capt. Rush's favorite off-season sports. Growing up in Key West, Capt. Rush has had a lot of experience diving for lobster and spearing fish inshore on the reefs and offshore in the blue water. Spearfishing is like hunting and it requires some patience and experience to be able to see the fish and get close to him before he sees you and runs.

Fishing areas

Species targeted
Mahi Mahi/Dolphin/Dorado
Mahi Mahi/Dolphin/Dorado

Techniques targeted
Fly fishing

Included in trip
Fishing Tackle
Live Bait
Fishing License

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