Half Day Charter 4 Hours


Capacity and duration
Capacity of 6 people
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About trip
The reefs and wrecks which dot the waters surrounding Key West are prime locations for bottom fishing. Aboard the SOUTHPAW, your crew is expert at producing exciting bottom fishing action. A day of Key West bottom fishing begins with your Captain making a decision about which location to anchor. Your Captain may choose almost any depth of water from as shallow as 20 ft to as deep as 250 ft.

Prime season for deep sea fishing runs from April through October. Our primary technique is to troll a variety of both natural and artificial baits. We generally employ between four and six rods, as well as several teasers to create a pattern of fleeing bait fish which the deep sea fish find irresistible. If you stay alert, you will actually see the fish strike the bait.

We are all about the highest quality charter fishing experience you can find in Key West. Our prices are not arbitrary, they reflect the high cost of our overhead, including fuel, bait, chum, and fresh tackle. f you want to do more than just dead bait trolling we offer a greater variety of fishing techniques including live bait chumming, kite fishing and deep water anchoring. We provide quality live bait free of charge. Our charter vessel is considerably newer and cleaner than our fishing competitors, and in Capt. Brad you have one of the most accomplished and experienced captains in all the Florida Keys. Take the time to compare charter fishing services in the Florida Keys, then Book your Key West Charter Fishing aboard the Southpaw.

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