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We specialize in Mountain Lion hunts. For most of our clients mountain lion hunting is a once in a lifetime adventure so we try and accommodate our clients. We book our hunts for 7 days. That is a day to get here, a day to leave and 5 days of hunting. We provide the transportation while hunting. We have pickups, 4 wheeler's with tracks, and horses if we need them. We will come pick the hunter or hunters up at a bus or train station or a airport in Grand Junction, CO , Eagle, CO, or Denver, CO. We offer hunters a place to stay with home cooked meals and that is included in the cost of their hunt or they can stay somewhere else at their cost.
Mountain Lion hunting would not be complete without dogs! We pride ourselves in the dogs that we have. That is something special about turning a pack of hound dogs out on a lion tack and the sound they make as they work a track!
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Mountain Lion Hunt
1 person @ $4500
Exciting Mountain Lion Hunting Experience the thrill of chasing a big-game cat out in the wilderness. Ridge Runners Outfitting, LLC in Burns, Colorado, offers mountain lion hunting with the aid of locals and professionals guides who know the area like the back of their hands. We organize hunts both on private and public land, and go to great lengths to keep the population of the predators under control. Provisions For this activity, we provide food and a place to stay during the whole hunt. Transportation to and from a bus station, train station, or airport in either Grand Junction, Colorado, or Eagle, Colorado. Guides Our guides will accompany you throughout your hunt. They are extremely skilled and are trained to deal with emergencies, including CPR. We provide two guides for every person in your hunting party. The Hunt Mountain lions live in remote, rugged, and high-altitude areas, so you will be in high elevations from 6,500 ft to 10,000ft. You will have to prepare yourself for long walks in rough terrain. We try to get as close to were the mountain lion is treed on a ATV if possible. We have use of ATV's, snowmobiles, trucks, and if we need horses! Hunting Dogs Dogs are used to help us hunt mountain lions. We run roughly eight dogs at a time for these hunts. The guides will determine exactly how many dogs we release. After the Hunt Once a mountain lion is caught a guide will determine if the lion is a matuer adult lion and sex the cat if possible. Under the guideline of Colorado Wildlife Division, it is the hunters' responsibility to have the meat of hunted lions processed. You might be suprised at how good lion meat is!! It is also up to the hunters to check the lion in with the Colorado Wildlife Division, we are happy to assist with the check in of the lion. Rate An agreeable price of $4,500 covers the cost of the hunt. A 50% ($2,250) down payment is required before embarking on your hunting trip. Once this deposit is paid, we will send you a contract. The remainder of the cost is payable once you arrive for the hunt. We take cash or credit card! Hunters cover the cost of their mountain lion tag and their travel expenses! Under Colorado law to hunt in the state of Colorado you must have a Hunters Education Certificate if you were born after 01/01/1949. Colorado honors other states Hunters Education Certificate's. You must be 12 years of age to hunt mountain lions in Colorado. Colorado Resident Mountain Lion Tag costs $41 (is subject to change without notice) Non Resident Mountain Lion Tag costs $351 (is subject to change without notice) Contact us in Burns, Colorado, for an unforgettable mountain lion hunting experience.

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If you want the thrill of a life time, get in touch with them. You will never regret it. Remember, What a rush. Savor the time spent on the tracking and listen to the hounds bay as they track and tree. It will be one of the most fantastic heart pounding times of your life. Treasure every moment. Peggy West Virginia
3 years ago


My lion hunt with Dillon was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Dillon is an outstanding guide and knows what he is talking about. He works hard at what he does whether he is out cutting tracks at 4:00 AM or if he is taking care of his dogs. His dogs are phenomenal as well. When Dillon turned them out at a fresh kill the morning that I got my lion we had three lions treed within 20-30 minutes at different spots. Also, there are not many people that I would walk out onto a cliff with a mountain lion for. However Dillon’s confidence and knowledge of the cats made it easy. This hunt is one that I will remember for the rest of my life because of the friendliness and great hunt that Dillon supplied myself with!
3 years ago


My hunting experience with Ridge Runners was successful, short, and sweet. On my first day out we cut a two day old track early in the morning and turned the dogs loose at sunrise. The hounds trailed the cat over near equal proportions of bare and snow covered ground. Around 10 am cat, dogs, Dillon the houndsman, and I were at the tree. A shot later I filled my tag and was back to the truck in time for lunch!
3 years ago


My hunt with Dillon was great! He has great knowledge of lion hunting and is very professional with his clients. His care and trust in his dogs is incomparable. He works hard at having a successful hunt. I would recommend anyone to book a hunt with Ridge Runners Outfitting LLC. Kevin Colorado
3 years ago


Dillon (RRO) Dillon took me on a mountain lion hunt in 2013, and it was fantastic! I had the time of my life riding around with him looking for tracks, and learning as much as I could about hunting big cats, as well as what to do when we caught one. It was obvious to me that Dillon was well informed on all these subjects, and that hunting lions is something he loves to do! We were both ecstatic the morning he spotted a really fresh and big lion track. Within a few minutes we had the dogs ready to turn loose. Not only does Dillon know his stuff, but his dogs do too. Within a few hundred yards from where we turned out the dogs they caught up with the lion and the chase was on. Thanks to Dillon's persistence and hard work, I was able to harvest a great tom a couple of miles down the trail! If you are considering a lion hunt than I highly recommend Dillon Kujala as the guide of choice for a great experience and a great hunt. Travor Dunsdon Colorado
3 years ago


Ridge Runners Outfitters, This was definitely a hunt that will be remembered. I'll tell the story for the rest of my life. I had a blast every minute of the 2 days I spent there. You can't find a better team of dogs. They worked phenomenal finding the trail and keeping the cat treed. And with Dillon leading them, your chances of getting a cat are extremely well. He really knows his stuff. Dillon's custom hunting rig proved itself worthy as well. We went through some rough terrain and that thing didn't weaken. To top it all off, after a full day of tracking and hunting, you're welcomed back to the ranch with great food and great people. This hunt was by far the best birthday gift ever! I'd strongly recommend this outfit to anyone who wants to go on a lion hunt of a lifetime. Dylan Wahlert Wyoming
3 years ago


Ridge Runners, Let’s face it, for most of us the cost of a lion hunt isn’t just a drop in the bucket. It’s money we worked hard for and as a result we want to spend it with a guide who will do everything in his power to not only lead a safe, exciting, and ethical hunt but one who cares as much about our success as we do. I honestly felt like I found that in Dillon. I was absolutely amazed by his drive, work ethic, and enthusiasm – up at 2:00 AM cutting tracks, hunting all day, and then tending to his dogs & chores at home. Where he gets his energy I’ll never know but one thing is obvious – he absolutely loves lion hunting! Literally, my hunt can pretty much be summed up in one statement: “he did all the work, I just showed up to fire a shot.” Of course as hunters we all know that there is never a guarantee of success regardless of what your game of choice might be, however hiring the right guide can certainly make the difference between filling your tag or not. If you’re considering a lion hunt in Colorado, look no further than Dillon at Ridge Runners Outfitting. Thanks very much to Dillon & Samantha for a great hunt. Frankly the entire experience was amazing, taking a lion was just an added bonus.
3 years ago


Well folks I have finally found the cat hunting spot as everyone knows I've hunted all over the country 52 mounts in my house been chasing a cat for 3 years being with some other Outfitters that wouldn't hold a candle 2 Ridge Runners Outfitters in Burns Colorado this place is awesome private land its not finding the cat it's picking out which one you want I got a Boone and Crockett hundred and fifty pounds a Monster Samantha N Dillon Kujala was great guides the food was excellent accommodations was great I am putting their hunting in my program anybody wants experience of a lifetime contact me I will set you up with the hunt of a lifetime he specializes in lion and only Lion he's got dogs that are awesome and plenty of them These other guys need snow to find Lion his dogs hunt on Dirt they are some of the best I've seen so don't worry about snow don't worry about Rock these dogs are the best in the Rockies he's got horses snowmobiles 4 wheelers monster trucks any kind of conditions he's got it
3 years ago


I had the pleasure of hunting Mountain lion in January 2016 with Dillon Kujala with Ridge Runners Outfitting. My best friend and I decided to up the ante for him by requiring that he hunt us 2 by 1 and get us both on a mature lion. From the time we arrived at the airport, I could tell Dillon was very serious about lion hunting. Unlike many other outfitters, Dillon is strictly a cat hunter with great dogs to prove it. During our stint in Colorado, the weather was COLD. A snap had come through and it was quite the adjustment for 2 guys from Louisiana. Other than that, the hunt and scenery were incredible. The first morning, we were met with several groups of guys Dillon had brought in to help. They had all been out cutting tracks well before we woke up that morning. We were very fortunate to take our 1st lion on the 1st hunting day there. After that, the pressure was somewhat relieved; we had 7 hunting days left to catch 1 cat. We managed to tree 2 more cats over the next 3 days with myself tagging out on day 4. Needless to say, I was impressed with the amount of cat activity in the area. However, what really impressed me was Dillon’s drive to make the hunt successful. I have already re-booked the same hunt for next year. Can’t Wait! Brent Creel---Monroe, LA
3 years ago