Report - Tombstone Outfitters- Home to the biggest caribou in the Yukon
Posted: March 13th 2017 @ 12:00pm
Tombstone Outfitters- Home to the biggest caribou in the Yukon Image

As a hunter when you think about the Far North it’s almost impossible not to think of the iconic caribou. These nomadic creatures roam the vast tundra in massive herds. Herds number in the tens of thousands with the largest herd being reported at nearly 500,000 strong. Yes that’s half a million!

Of the five recognized sub-species of caribou, two are found here in the Yukon. These are the Barren Ground Caribou and the Mountain Caribou. The Barren Ground Caribou carry the largest antlers of all the caribou sub-species with the Boone and Crockett record standing at 477” and the Pope and Young record at 448 6/8”.

At Tombstone Outfitters we’ve had some amazing success, taking the Number 1 Barren Ground Caribou for the last three consecutive years!

2014 saw Ted Carlson take the #5 all time Pope and Young with this 398" bull.

In 2015 it was Ryan Urzada’s turn to take the top spot with this 406" bull.

This past season, 2016, Devon Ahern took this incredible 421" bull.

In addition to these amazing three animals we’ve also taken several other great bulls. In 2016 our success for Caribou hunts was 100%. So if you’re looking for the chance to not only experience the rugged beauty of the Yukon but to also harvest an incredible trophy then please get in touch.

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