Report - Fact Sheet for Kansas Deer Hunts at Tallgrass Lodge – Rifle Hunts
Posted: February 23rd 2016 @ 11:05pm

This Kansas deer hunting article is a fact sheet that covers commonly asked questions about Kansas Deer Hunts, Kansas guided deer hunts, Kansas Whitetail deer hunts, and Kansas Whitetail Rifle hunts at Tallgrass Lodge.

Commonly Asked Questions regarding Kansas Whitetail Deer Rifle Hunts at Tallgrass Lodge:

When do we arrive at the lodge for our Kansas Deer Hunts and when will we depart?  Please arrive at the lodge between 3:00 and 5:00 pm the day before your hunt.  Dinner is served at 6:00 pm.  That will give us time to meet you, inspect your equipment, and let you get settled in before dinner.  You will depart after breakfast the morning after your last day of of your Kansas deer hunt.

When do we need to pay the balance due for our Kansas Deer Hunts?  The remainder of your package cost is due by September 1st of the same year as your scheduled hunt.

What kind of deer stands will we hunt from?  Rifle hunters will be hunting from enclosed tower, ladder, tripod, and hang on stands.  Our stands are set up between 10 and 20 feet off the ground.  Ground blinds can be arranged.  Please let us know about any special requests or needs prior to your arrival.

What is the average score of your mature Kansas Trophy Whitetails?  Our average mature buck will score 140 inches at 4.5 to 5.5 years old.  Every season is different and is driven by the weather but you can count on seeing bucks anywhere from 130 to 160 inches.  The largest deer seen on our properties will score well over 200 inches. The largest deer harvested scored 206 6/8. 

Do you charge a trophy fee for your Kansas Deer Hunts?  No.  You are allowed to take any animal you choose.  We do however practice Quality Deer Management on our properties and we therefore require that the bucks taken score a minimum of 130 inches. A fine will be assessed for harvesting a buck less the 130 inches.

How many Kansas Deer Hunters do you take in a season? We keep the total number of Kansas deer hunts on our properties very low. I will only sell twenty Kansas deer hunts a year. I will typically book ten bow hunters and ten rifle hunters a year.

How many Kansas Deer Hunters will you have in camp at one time? I will never have more than six hunters in camp at one time. If you book a group of four or more hunters, you will have the lodge, all of our properties and deer stands to yourselves.

Are your Kansas Deer Hunts fully guided?  No.  We hunt two on one so our hunts are semi-guided. However by request our guides will stay with you to help make sure proper harvest decisions are made if necessary.

Do we have to come back to the lodge for lunch, or can we hunt all day?  The choice is yours.  We can pack you a sack lunch for an all day hunt if you want, or your guide can pick you up and bring you back to the lodge for lunch.

Do you process the deer?  No.  We field dress the deer only.  I have a taxidermist and retired butcher that guide for the lodge.  They would be happy to cape and process your trophy for an additional fee.  I can also make arrangements to process your deer at one of our local lockers if you wish.

What kind of habitat will I hunt?  Our stands are set up in heavy timber, over food plots, on heavily used trails between feeding and bedding areas, and on saddles overlooking deep woody draws.

What type of shot can I expect?  You can expect to have a shot between 10 and 600 yards.

Special Notes

All firearms big game hunters and persons assisting them must wear blaze orange.  A minimum of 200 square inches, 100 on the back and 100 on the front must be visible.  All hunters must wear a blaze orange hat.

We promote a scent free environment to keep our deer disturbance to a minimum. Please feel free to bring your scent free products. If you forget something, we can probably accommodate you.

Important:  Anyone born on or after July 1, 1957 must have completed a certified hunter safety course.  Kansas does recognize certified safety courses from all states.  Please see regulations for further information.

This Kansas deer hunting article is a fact sheet that covers commonly asked questions of Kansas Deer Hunts, Kansas guided deer hunts, Kansas Whitetail hunts, and Kansas Whitetail Rifle hunts at Tallgrass Lodge.

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