Report - British Columbia Hunting Season Update
Posted: October 24th 2016 @ 8:45pm
British Columbia Hunting Season Update Image

After a very successful stone sheep season where each of our hunters killed some outstanding rams, we then had an great time mountain goat hunting before the moose rut kicked in about mid-September. Here’s a quick update on our recent British Columbia hunting season:

After wrapping up our August stone sheep hunts, we had some unusually rainy weather during the first part of September. This made for less than ideal hunting conditions. Many mornings were fogged in and things were generally wet and unpleasant. The fog is especially a nuance on the mountain goat hunts. But that didn’t stop us!

Our hunters and guides worked very hard, persevered through the weather and found some nice billies on our mountain goat hunts. Hunting mountain goats is always fun and we are fortunate to have a lot of them here in northern British Columbia.

With the arrival of mid-September in northern British Columbia, the moose rut moved into full swing and reminded us why we love this time of year! Getting out there after rutting bulls with our hunters is always a thrill.

During the moose hunts, our guides and hunters were able to find some of the big bulls that this area is known for. These animals are so big and impressive, getting close to them during the rut never gets old.

2016 ended up being another great year for us here in the remote northern stretches of B.C.! If you have any questions about our combo hunts in B.C. or any particular species, please feel free to contact us. You can also explore our website for information, prices and more.

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