Report - Backwoods Life come to Fredrick and Mathews Hunting Plantation
Posted: May 27th 2016 @ 5:08pm

Backwoods Life come to Fredrick and Mathews Hunting Plantation Image

Last week the team from Backwoods Life came to visit, here's what they had to say:

"Last weekend was awesome time putting together our 2016 Fall Episodes. Kevin, Michael, Jeremy and Myself enjoyed the great food and making new friends while we were at Fredrick and Mathews Hunting Plantation in Marshallville, GA. While we were there we had two gracious hosts, Clint Yancey and Mike Daley. They are located in Crawford and Macon Counties. We had the opportunity to spend some time scouting his various properties and getting the history of the area. They have over 2400 acres and they plant over 115 acres of food plots. The most beautiful aspects of the property are the several large pecan orchards located on the property. Please like them on Facebook and visit there website:

Thank you for your southern hospitality!"

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