Report - A Look Back at Our 2016 Moose Hunting Season
Posted: October 31st 2016 @ 7:55pm
A Look Back at Our 2016 Moose Hunting Season Image

The 2016 hunting season has wrapped up in B.C. and it always flies by quickly. It’s hard to believe that another season has come and gone and that it’s almost time to start preparing for next year! We had a great season of moose hunting in British Columbia this year and we’d like to provide a brief update.

We’re very happy to report that all of our moose hunters killed great bulls. In addition to 100% success on our moose hunts, the quality of the bulls this year was once again outstanding. This is a testament to the incredible size of the area we hunt, and the fact that we manage it very carefully.

We take far fewer hunters each season than this area can handle. We often go years between hunting a particular area or drainage. Our use of super cub planes to access these extremely remote areas also means we hunt areas where nobody else does. There is no outside hunting pressure. The moose density and the trophy quality here is very high. This season was another great example.

During the moose rut, it’s not uncommon for our hunters to see a number of different bulls each day. It’s an exciting time to hunt when these big bull moose start coming out of the woodwork.

These hunts are also perfect opportunities for combo hunts, particularly with mountain caribou. In fact, mountain goat, grizzly, moose and caribou are all possibilities on a combo hunt here.

Here are some photos from our 2016 B.C. moose hunting season:

  Hunt Update     img_0628                                                                                                                  

         img_2570      larysa-packing-moose-2  



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