Report - 2016 Spring Turkey
Posted: May 13th 2016 @ 2:27am
2016 Spring Turkey Image

Well, Spring Turkey is officially over here in New Mexico.  I had 5 hunters who killed 4 birds.  Success was not the greatest this year bacause of the weather.  I had a couple of gentlemen that came out and we got 18" of snow starting the night before their hunt started, and continued during the course of their hunt.  We did kill one bird during that hunt when the weather broke for about 2 hours.  We had a great bird fly down and we made a great setup and got it done with him.  After the snow, the birds were so freaked out, they did not know quite what to do for about a full week.  The other 3 hunters were just one bird hunts, so they were 100% for the season.  I am booking hunts for 2017, the season runs from April 15-May 10.  If you want to come out to the high country of New Mexico for your Merriams Turkey hunt, give me a call! 

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