Report - 2016 Shed Season
Posted: March 22nd 2016 @ 9:40pm

Shed season is absolutely on at this point in south-central Kentucky. The far majority of antlers are now on the ground, despite a somewhat slow start to the annual shedding. Likely a slightly later rut and an extremely mild winter is to blame.

We have had boots on the ground for the past couple of weeks and have managed to find some impressive bone. Additionally, many of the antlers show much potential as we continue looking ahead towards the fall.

Continue to take advantage of this time of year. Prior to the inevitable "green-up" antlers are not the only thing readily apparent. Deer sign from the previous year can easily be spotted and should be noted. Furthermore, now is a good time to drop a few pins for possible new stand sites. This time of year portrays what rifle/late muzzleloader season will look like. Be sure to actually hang your stand and trim lanes post "green-up" so you know what to expect during bow season when all of the leaves are on the branches.


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