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Midnight Sun Outfitting is a first class hunting and wilderness tourism operation specializing in Dall sheep, Fannin sheep, Alaskan-Yukon moose, Mountain caribou and Barren Ground caribou hunts in the pristine Yukon Territory of Canada.

Midnight Sun Outfitting has been operating since 1999 in the Northern Yukon. However the Young family has been outfitting and guiding for over 35 years. We are passionate about hunting, game and the outfitting lifestyle as a family run business. Midnight Sun Outfitting is dedicated to first-class traditional fair chase hunting and adventures.

Our hunting concession is located in one of the most northern and remote areas in the Yukon. It is 12 000 square miles of untouched, game rich wilderness. It includes the watersheds of the Hart, Wind, Klondike, Little Wind, McQuesten and Beaver Rivers.

We offer horseback, backpack, riverboat trips depending on the preference of the hunter, species hunted, length of hunt and physical capabilities. Hunts are customized to accommodate all levels of fitness and hunting experience. Log cabins and tents are used for accommodation, which are equipped with heaters and all necessary equipment to make comfortable in an inclement weather.

Our hunting trips are species specific. For our sheep hunts we offer horseback, backpack, riverboat or a combination of such. The mountain sheep (Fannin and Dall) are hunted in the month of August, throughout the Werenecke Mountain range in the Northern Yukon. Midnight Sun is fortunate enough to specialize in a extensive population of Fannin sheep. Our Alaskan-Yukon moose are hunted via specifically horseback, in the months of September and October. At this time the Yukon fall colors are spectacular, and moose are amidst the rut and/or in hard horn. Our moose average spreads over 60 inches, and Midnight Sun has been fortunate to receive many awards for large moose and sheep.

All of our clients are picked up in Dawson City, Yukon a very fun and historic town, famous for its essential part in Gold Rush history. From Dawson City you are then flown into Base Camp via charter airline. It is here at our lodge that our personal charter airline company (Northsky Aviation) then takes you to spike camp, where you will spend the duration of your hunt.

For more information regarding your Midnight Sun Outfitting hunt or adventure please feel free to contact us at anytime.

We welcome you to come experience the true north with us in the Yukon.

Thank you for your interest,

Logan and Courtney Young, and Jessie Young
Midnight Sun Outfitting Guide
Midnight Sun Outfitting

Hunting Trips

Mountain/Barren Ground Caribou
1 person @ $12000
Our hunting area offers an abundant population of caribou! We are also lucky enough to offer both Mountain caribou and Barren Ground caribou throughout our area as well. The world famous ‘Porcupine caribou herd’ migrates across Northern Canada, travelling through our hunting concession in the late fall. This area thrives with caribou herds and we credit this to the abundant tundra vegetation (lichens and tundra grasses), painting a beautiful scenery. Midnight Sun Outfitting (hunting concession #4)has been fortunate over the years to take award winning bulls, scoring as high as 400″ B&C. We hunt caribou mostly as ‘add on’ species–an additional trophy to your moose or sheep hunt. However we offer as well a specific caribou hunt. The Mountain and Barren Ground caribou hunts are offered as a horseback hunt throughout the hunting season. The caribou we harvest in the early season (till Aug 20th) are usually in velvet, making beautiful and majestic mounts. Trophy bulls are spread evenly throughout the concession in high numbers, so our clients can chose their trophy.
1 person @ $10000
Our hunting area offers grizzlies throughout the hunting season. Midnight Sun Outfitting has an abundant amount of grizzlies and it is not uncommon to see several grizzlies daily. These grizzlies are “Inland” grizzlies. The colors of grizzlies vary from dark brown/black to blonde.
1 person @ $23000
This hunting area offers the largest Alaskan-Yukon moose in the world. Midnight Sun are proud to offer the finest moose hunting and trophies that is available, with our moose’s spreads reaching up to 75 inches. We have won numerous awards for largest moose in the Yukon (2006, 2008, 2011, 2012). Our average spread is always over 60 inches! Moose hunts are by horseback or riverboat, and are dates begin on August 21st and end October 4th every year. Harvest a bull with or without velvet is a sure to be a trophy either way.
1 person @ $25000
Midnight Sun Outfitting Ltd. is among the few that offer both Dall sheep and Fannin sheep hunts. The Fannin sheep are a sub-species of the Stone sheep and characterized by black hairs in the sheep’s coat, as well as a dark tint to horns. Fannin sheep qualify under the Boone and Crocket Records as a Stone sheep, therefore this area offers two species of sheep–rare and exciting. Our sheep populations are highest in the Yukon Territory, accredited to this areas remoteness and landscape. Sheep hunts are done by horseback, backpack, riverboat or combination of these. We have 8 sheep camps which we rotate to manage our sheep populations. Concession #4 has won numerous awards for the wildlife that are harvested, sheep in particular. Midnight Sun Outfitting won the “2nd Largest Sheep in the Yukon” @Yukon Outfitters convention in 2011. In 2009 at the Wild Sheep Foundation awarded Cass Gebbers Gold for his 172 5/8 B&C Dall ram taken, being the largest Dall ram taken in the world that year. Earlier in 2008, Midnight Sun won a “Silver Ram Award” at the Wild Sheep Foundation Convention in Reno, NV. The Young family has donated their lives to the Wild Sheep Foundation and supporting it. Alan Young is a Director of WSF and an active donor/supporter during their annual “Sheep Show” in Reno, Nevada. Which Midnight Sun Outfitting attends every year for the past thirty years. Caribou/Grizzly Add-on available: Caribou -$5000 Grizzly-$7500
1 person @ $5000
Please contact Midnight Sun Outfitting! This trip can be tailored as client wishes. Thank You!
Fishing Trip
1 person @ $5000

5 people @ $5000
Midnight Sun Outfitting offers first class raft trips of Hart River and Wind River. Please contact for more details. Thanks for the interest.

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Darren Farr

2 years ago

Peter Briant

The best you'll ever find. You won't regret choosing Midnight Sun
2 years ago

Rick Carone

First class from wheels down to wheels up! I recommend Midnight Sun to anyone wanting a trip of a lifetime hunting sheep, moose, bear and/ or caribou.
2 years ago

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