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Lucky Lake, Saskatchewan Hunting Guide

All inclusive waterfowl outfitter in central Saskatchewan, providing first class hunting for snow/blue geese, Canada geese, whitefronted geese, a variety of puddle ducks and sandhill cranes. We provide accommodations, meals, all equipment for the hunts, 2 hunts a day, and bird cleaning.
Lucky Lake Hunting Adventures Inc. Guide
Lucky Lake Hunting Adventures Inc.

Hunting Trips

3 Day Fall Waterfowl Hunt
4 people @ $2156
A typical day starts at about 4:00 a.m. with coffee, juice, toast, muffins, or fruit. Then it's off to the field in one of our Suburbans with you guide for the morning waterfowl hunt. We hunt from Final Approach layout blinds, natural cover and use white cover suits when hunting snow geese. Nothing beats quality when it comes to decoys and we got em. Full body Canada, speckle belly and snow goose decoys, as well as Green Bay and Sillosock decoys are all employed when hunting with us. Guides are all accomplished callers, but we do use electronic callers when hunting snow/blue/Ross' geese. After the photos have been taken it is back to lodge for a big home cooked brunch. The afternoon hunt starts around 2 pm with your choice of ducks, cranes or upland birds. After October 15th dark geese may be hunted all day, so if you are bent on goose hunting this is the time for you. We try to tailor every hunt for you, so your input is vital in making this the best Canadian waterfowl hunt it can be. After photos it is back to the lodge for a hearty supper and a well earned rest.
Spring Snow/Blue Goose
6 people @ $165
We offer 2 types of spring hunts in the lowest pressure area of the snow goose migration; stationary migrator, and spotted X hunts. Both hunts carry a 20 bird daily limit and no possession limit. Due to the massive area we hunt in the spring, these hunts do not include accommodations at our lodge. We hub out of a bigger town right in the middle of all our zones with several hotel and restaurant options. For the later migrator hunts, there are is also a golf course and casino close by for afternoons. There is a meat locker in town that can easily freeze coolers of birds during your stay. Migrator Hunts The first part of the spring migration is all the older birds that are pushing hard to get to the breeding grounds. They are notorious for only staying in an area for a few hours to drink, eat and rest before moving again. For this reason, the first 2.5 weeks of April are spent in our 2 stationary spreads of 1800+ decoys each. These spreads are in traditional high traffic areas and a sort of "gentleman's" hunts, as the . Hunts begin a half hour before sunrise and go until 10:30am or so. We typically take a break until later afternoon and then hunt until a half hour after sunset. Of course, if the geese are moving all day then we hunt all day. We typically are averaging 25-27 birds per day with 100+ bird hunts happening throughout the season. We take 6 hunters per field but can accommodate more if requested. Spotted X Hunts As the migration progresses, the geese get younger and have less drive to get to the tundra to breed. This is the time when they are quite content to loaf in an area for extended periods of time feeding. With the low to non-existent pressure, these geese are very cooperative. We spot the field for a day or two and then hunt them. We run a 1200 decoy spread and usually are able to drive into the fields with the trucks, but we do have quads if need be. These hunts have been highly successful in the couple years of testing we have done on our own. We hunt from a half hour before sunrise until around mid morning, if need be. We don't hunt afternoons during the X hunts as we are usually in the field by 2am setting up. Hunters will need to supply their own white coveralls and face masks. We take 6 hunters in the field but can accommodate more if requested.

Latest Reviews ( 5/5 Stars - 3 Reviews )

Nick Husmann

Had a great time at lucky lake staff was great food was excellent clean and comfortable home town hospitality like to make that trip again
2 years ago

Steve A McClone

Top notch outfitter they go above and beyond to put birds in front of you. Top of the line cooking and great place to stay. Very good guides and atmosphere. Will be coming back!
2 years ago

Nathan Gordon

Who doesn't like a great snowgoose hunt. Two years in a row I've left with a big smile on my face. Keep up the great work, I'll be coming back year after year.
2 years ago

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