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Stony Brook Outfitters

Wilton, Maine


Big game hunting is our specialty and guiding is our full time livelihood. But most importantly, outfitting and guiding is not a job to us - it is our passion! OUR COMMITMENT: We take our guiding seriously. We are committed to giving every one of our hunters the hunt of a lifetime, one to enjoy and always remember. Our goal is to make your hunting trip safe, productive and memorable. We hope to make it the best hunt and vacation you have ever had. Although there is no limit on the number of black bear hunters a guide can put out on stand, we choose to limit our hunter to guide ratio to 5 to 1. We reserve this same ratio for our white tail deer hunts. The moose hunt is a 1 to 1 ratio unless there is a sub-permitee, which raises that ratio to 2 to 1. The State of Maine has an established limit of 5 to 1 on black bear hound hunts, but we personalize our hunt by limiting our ratio of 2 to 1. In addition, although the state has set no limit, we limit our bobcat hunts with dogs to this same 2 to 1 ratio.