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Southeast Kansas Outfitters

Arma, Kansas


Welcome to Southeast Kansas Outfitters, Kansas whitetail hunts at it's finest, where we speicalize in world class trophy whitetail hunts. Kansas is fast becoming the most sought after state for big Trophy Whitetail Bucks. The State of Kansas established it’s whitetail deer in the 60’s with excellent genes within the herd. Kansas is blessed with rich fertile soil and minerals. Combine this with it’s vast acres of cropland and cover on the eastern third of the state, and you have excellent deer habitat. Kansas has a tightly regulated non-resident draw permit system to help manage the herds in each unit of the state. Kansas Dept. of Wildlife and Parks (kdwp) allows bow hunting only during the peak of the rut activity to insure the genes are passed on. Each unit throughout the state has a limited number of permits available to residents and non-residents alike to keep each unit in excellent condition. All this adds up to “Big Bucks” with “Low Hunting Pressure”. Your Trophy Hunt with Southeast Kansas Outfitters will take place in Units 11, and 12 in the southeast corner of Kansas. This section of Kansas is the “Honey Hole” of the state and produces many B&C bucks on a regular basis. Hunters have a chance to harvest bucks in the 170 and up range. Our largest scoring buck to date is in the 190 class, with three bucks over 190 having been missed. So as you can see we have big “Monster Bucks”. In order to kill a big buck you have to hunt where the “Big Bucks” are. Southeast Kansas Outfitters strictly manages thousands of acres of prime whitetail property. We have Q.D.M. (quality deer management) programs in place on our property.