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Sizzlin S Outfitters

Jordan, Montana


Our deer hunts run for 5 days and our antelope hunts run for 3 days. If you were to choose a combo hunt for deer and antelope, the hunt will last for 5 days. Your travel time obviously is not included in the length of the hunt, the length of the hunt is actual hunting days. Prairie dog hunts are ran on a daily basis and clients are charged per day. All of our hunting is spot and stalk. We spend a lot of time looking through good quality optics, sizing up what we are looking at and then letting the hunter decide if that is the trophy that he or she wants to take home. It is the clients trip, they make the final decision as to what they harvest, our duty as your guide, is to find the trophy and give some input as far as quality is concerned, you make the call. Once the decision is made, the stalk comes next. We will get you into your shooting "comfort zone", or we will pull away and wait until we can and not force it. By doing this, we have been able to not spook game and the cases of wounded animals has been kept to zero.