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Ridge Runners Outfitting LLC

Burns, Colorado


We specialize in Mountain Lion hunts. For most of our clients mountain lion hunting is a once in a lifetime adventure so we try and accommodate our clients. We book our hunts for 7 days. That is a day to get here, a day to leave and 5 days of hunting. We provide the transportation while hunting. We have pickups, 4 wheeler's with tracks, and horses if we need them. We will come pick the hunter or hunters up at a bus or train station or a airport in Grand Junction, CO , Eagle, CO, or Denver, CO. We offer hunters a place to stay with home cooked meals and that is included in the cost of their hunt or they can stay somewhere else at their cost. Mountain Lion hunting would not be complete without dogs! We pride ourselves in the dogs that we have. That is something special about turning a pack of hound dogs out on a lion tack and the sound they make as they work a track!


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