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Oak Creek Outfitters

Falmouth, Kentucky



If you are interested in pretty lodges, pool tables, and hot tubs then this is not the place for you. Our hunting philosophy is catered to the serious bow hunter in mind. We have done our homework over the years on how to kill big whitetail deer and our farm reflects our years of hard work. We are situated in Ridge Country along the rich-soil bottoms of the Licking River in north central Kentucky. Our properties consist of multiple hardwood ridges surrounded by several large overgrown bedding areas spanning from the east to west property lines. All ridges are naturally feeding down through multiple ponds and watering holes to 12 secluded AG fields and food plots along the river. We have spent a number of dollars over the past 10 years on guided hunts with some of the most prestigious outfitters in the business. One common denominator they all had is that if you were not somebody, you were nobody. Traveling across the mid-west in pursuit of whitetails for the past 10 years, we have booked with the best outfitters in the business. We discovered the hunt was not what we expected and we were was just a number. That is the reason we started Oak Creek Outfitters. We know how hard it is to kill a trophy whitetail on public land with all the pressure from "weekend hunters" who do not take chasing whitetails as seriously as we do. It normally ends in taking smaller bucks than what we sought out for. We learned that if we wanted to kill a trophy whitetail we either had to book a hunt with an outfitter or purchase our own land and our odds of harvesting a trophy whitetail buck would increase. That was the catalyst for us to start this venture. We understand the key to success for an outfitter is the full experience of the hunt and that is why we spend countless hours in the field from preparing our food plots to scouting for deer movement so we can give you the best entrance and exit routes based on the winds and thermals. We all know that this is the only way to kill a mature buck. In regards to our deer herd, the property has had a 10 point rule for the last 10 years. The genetics of the herd are outstanding for north central Kentucky. Ninety percent of our herd have the height and width of a trophy whitetail. We hope you like the big brows! Outside of some of the richest soil in Kentucky, the nutritional intake potential is facilitated through several nutrient-dense food plots and year round mineral sites. An interesting piece of information is that when you come to Oak Creek Outfitters you will be walking on the same ground as our forefathers did during the Civil War. While slipping into your stand area you may pass the remnants of Civil War walls that the soldiers used as barricades to defend their position. Further down, you may find yourself tucked behind an early 19th century combine or pioneer home during a stalk. Our property is full of rich soil, rich history, and rich hunting experiences. Please note that we only offer bow only semi-guided hunts. Check our rates page for details. There is no question that we are passionate about our whitetails. Our goal is to share this opportunity with like-minded hunters. Our commitment to you is that you will be treated as a true hunting partner... and not just a number!