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Dirt Road Outfitters

Stafford, Kansas


Located in the heart of South Central Kansas Dirt Road Outfitters' Kansas whitetail hunts & Rio Grande turkey hunts are a sportsmans dream for finding trophy whitetail deer, & Rio Grande turkeys. With a rich diversity of agriculture, & timber it allows for consistent production of trophy Kansas whitetail deer year after year. Dirt Road Outfitters has hunting land located in counties that are in the top five of the state of Kansas for not only harvesting Pope & Young whitetail deer, but Boone & Crockett whitetail deer as well. At Dirt Road Outfitters we offer only small camp sizes & limit the amount of hunters we take in for our Kansas deer hunts, & Kansas turkey hunts every year. By limiting the amount of hunters we take in on our Kansas guided hunts, it helps ensure that the whitetail deer, & Rio Grande turkeys we hunt remain mature animals year after year. For our Kansas bow (archery) hunting, & crossbow hunts we require the deer hunter to harvest at least a 135 class Kansas whitetail deer. We also require our rifle & muzzleloader hunters to harvest at least a 140 class Kansas whitetail deer on their gun hunt in Kansas with Dirt Road Outfitters. 90% of the hunters on their Kansas whitetail hunts have had an opportunity at a 150 class whitetail deer. Many times they have had opportunties at much larger deer. Dirt Road Outfitters allows roughly 640 acres for every deer hunter that we take in for our Kansas deer hunts. All hunters are lodged In a 1900s farm house that is located on our working farm & cattle ranch. For the hunters who purchase either a guided Rio Grande Kansas turkey hunt or a guided Kansas whitetail deer archery, rifle, muzzleloader, or crossbow hunt, you will be treated to home cooked meals while on your stay with Dirt Road Outfitters. At Dirt Road Outfitters in Kansas our number one goal is to ensure that the client sees plenty of game while hunting while on the Kansas deer hunting or Kansas turkey hunting trip. We provide the client with some of the absolute best properties to hunt Kansas whitetail deer, and Rio-Grande turkeys. As Kansas deer hunting & turkey outfitters we strive to ensure the wildlife we hunt have reached their maximum potential before being killed. We do many things for our hunters to help them kill a mature trophy Kansas whitetail deer. That includes food plots consisting of alfalfa, wheat, milo, & corn, along with a few other blends of crops suited for Kansas whitetail deer & Rio- Grande turkeys. Dirt Road Outfitters only hosts a few select hunters every year to hunt deer or turkeys on our properties in Kansas. No matter what type of Kansas deer hunts you purchase, we want you to have an even better hunting experience on your next guided hunting trip to Kansas. Since we do not hunt a high fence we can not guarantee you will harvest a deer every time. We pride ourselves on doing it the right way, and believe that when you book your Kansas deer hunting or Kansas turkey hunting stay with us you will walk away with one of the most memorable hunts you have ever experienced. Whether its Kansas deer hunting or Rio Grande turkey hunting that you seek, Dirt Road Outfitters is a sportsman's dream place to hunt in Kansas . Dirt Road Outfitters offers hunts on over 7,500 privately managed acres. The properties hunted have an a abundance of wildlife. Types of wildlife commonly seen on the properties range from Ringneck pheasants, quail, various types of geese & ducks, and an abundance of Kansas whitetail deer, & Rio Grande turkeys. Dirt Road Outfitters hunting properties in Kansas are a sportsman's dream because they encompass a perfect blend of wildlife to keep the hunter busy all year around. Whether the deer hunter is bow hunting (archery), crossbow, muzzleloader, or rifle hunting, Dirt Road Outfitters, located near Stafford, Kansas, offers Kansas deer hunts that are ideal for any of the afore mentioned weapons above. Hunting Rio Grande turkeys primarily from ground blinds also makes our Kansas turkey hunting trips ideal for the bow hunter as well as the gun hunter.