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Australian Buffalo Hunters

Mandurah, Western Australia


Welcome to outback Australia. We specialise in dangerous game safaris for rifle and bowhunters in scenic Arnhemland in the tropical Northern Territory. Main species include Water Buffalo, Wild Ox (Scrub Bull) and occassional Wild Boar. Real hunters will enjoy exploring and hunting our genuine wilderness concessions on foot with your classic express double or big game bolt rifle. Australian Buffalo Hunters only offer the best wild hunting possible, the best service, the best Arnhemland concessions, traditional ethical hunting, and genuine large herds of wild Water Buffalo. Look no further, we provide the finest quality wilderness Buffalo hunting available. DANGEROUS GAME: Yes they charge. I have stopped 9 charges. Water Buffalo bulls weigh 700- 900kg and even up to 1000kg (2200lb). Water Buffalo can be just as tough and nasty as Cape Buffalo, and the terrain is often thick bush with close encounters. Our hunters and guides have also been charged many times. " A wounded 51" Bull turned and charged us, the hunter's brain shot (with 375H&H solid) knocked the Buffalo down 5m from me, we were catching our breath, when the Bull quickly moved to raise to his feet again (the first 375 bullet was low and only stunned the bull). We both reacted and fired, this time Malte's brain shot was perfect. The hunter and his partner nervously sat and admired this trophy for some time. Two excellent bulls in 2 days... " Only an accurate brain or spine shot with a solid will consistently stop a charging wounded Buffalo. The extremely tough skin can be 25- 50mm (1- 2") thick around the neck area, and the frontal skull bone of a very old Bull can be 25-50mm (1- 2") thick. Trophy sizes range from 90-110SCI with many 100-130cm (42-52") wide bulls taken in our concession. Make the challenge, come with us to experience Australia's best buffalo hunting.