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Arizona Elite Outfitters

Phoenix, Arizona


If you’re looking for an incredible mountain lion hunting experience in one of the most beautiful countrysides in Arizona, come along for a wild ride! We offer hunts that can push you to your limits and beyond, as well as some with easier access. The country is rugged and beautiful, from cactus to huge ponderosa pines and we offer all types of hunt options from hiking and mules to quads and rangers. With almost 25 years of mountain lion hunting , when you hunt with me you get experience. I got my first hound before I turned 15 and take great pride in training, raising and breeding my own dogs and creating an incredible line of lion hunting dog. These dogs hunt like me, hard driving, relentless, and passionate. My dogs are mainly dry ground, cold nosed and hard pushing dogs and when we “trail” a lion we are really trailing a lion. I pride myself on making the hunt a great time while pushing hard to make it successful. Believe me, this experience will be like nothing you have done before. If you’re looking to knock something off your bucket list, or get addicted to an incredible hunting way of life call to get started!