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Alabama Outfitters

Northport, Alabama


If you have ever been to a cafe or diner in the beautiful state of Alabama, there is a good chance you have heard some folks exchanging stories about hunting. There is a good chance you may have told a story or two yourself. These stories always have one thing in common, tradition. Spending time in the great outdoors with family and friends, give us these stories and enriches the tradition. At Alabama Outfitters, LLC we believe in keeping the southern tradition alive. We are headquartered in Northport, AL with the majority of our hunting taking place within an hour drive of Tuscaloosa. We provide fully guided hunting services. Our specialty is upland game bird hunts over Llewellyn Setters. The old tales about "hunting hedge rows" and "granddaddy's bird dog" are the ones we hear the loudest. We strive to provide a traditional southern wing-shooting experience. May we encourage you to let us take you Quail hunting through the mixed terrain of West Central Alabama, or check out some of our other Hunting Packages.