Yahoo for wahoo! Catching the fastest fish in the ocean with Islamorada fishing guides Image

Yahoo for wahoo! Catching the fastest fish in the ocean with Islamorada fishing guides

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Updated: May 13th 2016 @ 9:19pm

With speeds of upwards of 70 mph, these fish race under and around your boat and chase your bait at almost blinding speed. No wonder it's nearly impossible to find a more exciting fishing adventure. And there's no better way to pursue them than with an experienced Islamorada fishing charter.

Are you ready for these screamers?

A relative of the king mackerel, wahoo have razor sharp teeth similar to a barracuda. In fact, it's the unique design of the fish's jaw that makes it possible for this sport fish to work the hook loose and make a lightning fast getaway--hence why it's critical to keep a super tight line at all times when you've managed to hook one.

Wahoo are plentiful in Islamorada, Florida 

Wahoo are abundant in and around the Florida Keys, and average between 10-50 lbs, often weighing in at 100 lbs or more (according to the International Game Fish Association, the largest hooked wahoo on record weighed in at just over 158 lbs).

We recommend you hire an Islamorada fishing guide who understands the behavior of these fish. For example, wahoo show a marked proclivity toward certain feeding times, typically feeding at first light, just after daybreak. Then they will commonly feed again late in the day, around sunset. Feeding also is impacted by tide change.

Wahoo aren't solitary travelers, instead choosing to travel in packs. If you catch a wahoo on a color change or weedline in 200-500 ft. of water, circle back around and there’s a good chance you’ll catch another one.

Best time of year to fish for wahoo in the Islamorada area

The optimum time to hook one of these beauties is from November through to August, with the later summer months usually producing multiple catches at one time. Check with your Islamorada fishing guide as to specifics before booking your fishing trip. 

Best baits and lures to use when fishing for wahoo

Lures are a good choice, especially when trolling at high speed as natural bait can't take the punishment. Color, flash, weight, and size all are key. Live bait such as blue runner, pinfish, mullet, goggle eye, cigar minnows, and speedos are all good choices. Your Islamorada fishing guide will have the proper bait and tackle to use for the sport.

Islamorada is where great sports fishermen go. And hiring an Islamorada fishing guide who knows the waters in the area like he knows the backs of his hands is a smart thing to do. 

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