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Why Venison is Better Than Other Types of Meat

Updated: June 30th 2017 @ 8:41am

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Venison is better than many other types of meat for a wide variety of reasons; it has a high nutritional value, low cholesterol, and has never been administered hormones or antibiotics making it a healthier option when compared to domestic animals. It’s also more humane to hunt an animal than it is to raise one in confinement. Hunting not only gives you the satisfaction of providing for yourself but you’ll also know exactly where your meat has come from.


Venison is a healthy option and it’s actually good for you. It’s high in protein and low in saturated fat, it also has very few calories. Venison is also rich in vitamins and minerals like B2 and B3 which help regulate your metabolism, and iron which keeps our energy levels high. Not to mention, wild venison is more natural and organic than most beef, pork, and chicken you buy from grocery stores.


Eating venison is more ethical than eating beef. Deer live a free-roaming life just as nature intended, they don’t suffer from confinement, antibiotic injections, or abuse. They are hunted and killed in their own environment, where only the smartest animals survive and reproduce. Unfortunately, it’s not the same for cattle; the majority of cattle are raised on a farm, pumped with chemicals and sent in packs to the slaughterhouse.  Ethical hunting, one clean shot, results in a quick death with no suffering making it easy to see the more humane choice when it comes to eating meat.


Venison is delicious and often preferred over beef. When there are complaints, it is usually that it tastes gamey, dry, or tough. There can be many reasons for this, like the lack of urgency in field dressing the deer, not allowing it to cool immediately, improper hanging, and failure to properly remove fat, connective tissues, and bone during skinning and processing. If you’ve ever had a bad experience when eating venison, I encourage you to try it again. It can taste so different when prepared properly.


Hunting for venison is extremely rewarding; harvesting, field dressing, cooking, and serving it all yourself is not only highly rewarding but also extremely satisfying. Hunting is also the perfect opportunity to get outside, which as we all know if both refreshing and relaxing. Not to mention the exercise you get from scouting, hiking, climbing to a tree stand, etc. It’s sure to keep you fit!


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