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Waiting for Hunting Season

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Updated: April 18th 2016 @ 5:17am

So it’s July, the off-season, it already seems like years since hunting season ended. During this time of year it’s as though all my trigger finger does is click a mouse. I live with the small consolation that it won’t be that long until September rolls around. However in reality there are still plenty of things to do this time of year, all of which are not only fun but are also good training for when hunting season does eventually arrive.


Well the first option is the standard practice; I don’t mean to make it sound ordinary, as it’s not only a great thing to do but enjoyable too. The great thing with practice is that there are so many options, no matter whether it’s rifle, shotgun, or archery. You can go to a local range or club be it on your own or with some friends; or you can enter a few local leagues or tournaments if you want to further test your mettle. The more you can shoot the better, after all practice really does make perfect.


No matter what practice you are doing make sure that you practice in a manner similar to the way you are going to hunt. Try sitting while shooting your bow to simulate being in a blind or stand; if your hunting is mostly spot and stalk then make sure you can still hit your target using shooting sticks or freehand; are you a bird hunter? If so then ensure that the type of shooting you do in practice offers similar shots to those that you encounter in the field.


Bored of practice or want a change? Then fear not! Depending on which part of the country you live in there is a plethora of different varmints such as hogs, coyotes, and prairie dogs that could use your attention. Why not try and venture out after some of these? Not only does it help control the populations, it benefits landowners, and gives you some great practice at pulling the trigger. Oh and it’s a lot of fun! If your chasing after pigs then don’t forget they make excellent table fare. Nothing says summer better than some BBQ pork!


Whatever you do during the summer, have fun, and we look forward to hearing your hunting stories when season arrives.

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