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Updated: May 16th 2016 @ 4:57pm

Doesn't matter what you call it, just drop your line and hang on! With speeds of upwards of 70 mph, these fish race under and around your boat and chase your bait at almost blinding speed. No wonder it's nearly impossible to find a more exciting fishing adventure.

Have you ever caught one of these champs? 



Wahoo or Ono, which means “delicious” in Hawaiian, is a pelagic fish found in all the world’s tropical and subtropical waters including the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans. Also known as the Pacific kingfish, it is closely related to the king mackerel and is a highly prized recreational fish because of its speed and quality [source:]

Read about what it's like to fish for wahoo at this link by Dream Sporting Trips staff writer!

"Wahoo are abundant in and around the Florida Keys, and average between 10-50 lbs, often weighing in at 100 lbs or more (according to the International Game Fish Association, the largest hooked wahoo on record weighed in at just over 158 lbs)."

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