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This is What Vacation Days Are Meant for

Dream Sporting Trips

Updated: June 23rd 2016 @ 6:56pm

You've put in your time. You go to work early and you come home late. You're making a good, if not great, living for yourself and your family. You've earned some time off! How will you spend it?

Treat yourself to a lifetime of memories! You won't regret it.

Every day people all over the world are enjoying the hunting or fishing trip of their dreams. We know it because we talk to them, we talk to the guides and charter captains who work hard to help make these dreams come true, and we see the hundreds of reviews posted online every day. 

Here are just a sampling of the reviews some of our charter guides and outfitters have received:

Salty Gillz Charters, Tampa Bay, Florida:

"If you're looking to catch fish, book a trip! Matt is one with the fish--he knows where to find them. There has not been one trip where I haven't caught a fish, and because of that I continue to book him and he continues to deliver. Thank you, Captain Matt! We will meet again and thanks for an amazing day on the water--action was non-stop." - Garvin

Homestead Lodge, Oxbow, Maine:

"This lodge is by far the best anyone could ask for. Top notch guides that bend over backwards to make it a successful hunt. Staff that are professional, down to earth and really make you feel like one of the family. Out of this world experience. I wouldn't trade it for anything." - Scott G.

Ridge Runners Outfitting, Burns, Colorado:

"This was definitely a hunt that will be remembered. I'll tell the story for the rest of my life. I had a blast every minute of the two days I spent there. You can't find a better team of dogs. They were phenomenal finding the trail and keeping the cat treed. And with Dillon leading them, your chances of getting a cat are extremely good. He really knows his stuff. To top it all off, after a full day of tracking and hunting, you're welcomed back to the ranch with great food and great people. This hunt was by far the best birthday gift ever! I'd strongly recommend this outfit to anyone who wants to go on a lion hunt of a lifetime." - Dylan W., Wyoming 

Elk River Outfitters, Alberta, Canada:

"Ernie, Derick, and Theresa: Thanks so much for creating a wonderful vacation and making me feel like part of the family. Your hospitality was exceptional, your facilities comfortable and rustic, and the food was fabulous. I loved the adventure and being so far from the road and back in the bush, eh. All three of you made this trip so memorable and well, Ernie, with our campout that night, how could one ask for any better experience for a hunt? I was able to see deer, elk, moose, and even a Griz! So glad he didn't eat JR, but, wow, was that exciting as well. You three made every effort possible to give us an experience that will be talked about for long time, and your facilities are so creative and comfortable." - Ken C.

Rod Bending Charters, Galveston, Texas:

"Thanks, Cap, for the best fishing me and my kids have ever had. I want to take them every year and I can promise it will be with you. We are enjoying eating these fish in the way you told us to prepare them. We can't wait for our next trip, and the kids are still talking about the sharks. See you next time!" - Sam E. and Kids 

Frederick and Mathews Hunting Plantation, Warner Robins, Georgia:

"I just came back from Frederick and Mathews and I can't explain the pleasure and enjoyment I had there. Clint and his guides are fantastic and very knowledgeable. I had a hunt of a lifetime with great people. Clint cares about everyone who goes there and is always looking for the best for each and every one. I can't express the gratitude I have for these gentleman and look forward to many more trips with Frederick and Mathews and would recommend them to anyone. Clint, thank you for a dream come true." - Steven L.

Get Hooked Charters, Galveston, Texas:

"Uttterly fantastic--best money I have ever spent. Crew was extremely helpful and very patient." -Deborah West G.

Living the Dream Charters, Destin, Florida:

"Just got back from a day and a half fishing trip. It was great; I had a blast. Great Captains--Bob and Austin--very knowable and fun. The best fishing trip I have been on in a long time. I am already ready to go back, and I will! Highly recommend these guys. They will put you on fish and you will also have a great time." - Jason F. 

Reelivin' Charters and Lodge, Buras, Louisiana:

"Stayed here last December. The hospitality Carol and Herman showed was beyond excellent. From great food, comfortable beds, the pool and great stories, I'll definitely be back soon. I think I gained a few pounds, too. I highly recommend this lodge." - Mike C.

Wave Dancer Charters, Galveston, Texas:

"We had an awesome time with this charter. The crew was awesome and absolutely the friendliest people to be out on the water with. We had a blast fishing. Thank you so much Wave Dancer Charters for everything you did for my family. God Bless Y'all." - Tracy V.

Boe Myers Guide Service, Medford, Oregon:

"Today, Sara and I fished with Boe. His knowledge and hardworking ethic to put us on fish was second to none. He is the kind of guide that you would give 5 Stars regardless to how good or poor the fishing was. Boe, thank you again! Sara and I can't wait to be back." - Cameron T.

Integrity Outfitters, Burnside, Kentucky:

"Had the pleasure of hunting with Travis South at Integrity Outfitters this past week. The lodging and hospitality were excellent. I've hunted with many outfitters, but never hunted with anyone with more drive and determination. If you are a serious hunter and want to take a top quality buck, this is definitely the place to go. I will definitely hunt with Integrity Outfitters again." - Scott S.

Tallgrass Lodge, Enterprise, Kansas:

"Great accommodations and even better upland hunting experience. Controlled shooting area hunt was terrific. Large and healthy birds moved and flushed just like the real thing. Nothing beats taking birds over good dogs and this trip really delivered. Staff treats you like family and takes care of anything you need. Thanks Chris for a great hunt, I am sure you will hear from us again." - Trey D.

North River Stone Outfitting, Alberta, Canada

“I have hunted with Ron and Maria three times now and I enjoy the hell out of it. I’m going back again this year for my 4th time. I love the people I’ve met there. Ron and Maria are exceptional individuals… The free range whitetail hunts are the main reason I chose North River – that and the number of acres they have to hunt. They have a ton of deer up there. We saw deer every day of the hunt and there’s a lot of activity. It’s just a matter of finding that trophy buck that you want… I think one of the most telling things is that in the three years I’ve been there, a lot of the same people are always there. That says something. If people come back to hunt the same place, that’s the highest recommendation you can get.” – Dick G. 

Pete Cardinal Outfitters, Craig, Montana:

"25 years ago my dad and uncle took their first western fly fishing trip. It was one of their greatest fishing expeditions, but fishing the Missouri River with Pete Cardinal was the highlight. I'll never forget their enthusiasm. They kept repeating, "He's the greatest. We never stopped catching fish." Since that trip, every member of the Sherman clan has been Cardinalized! Pete only fishes the Missouri River. This is his home and away court. He knows every inch of the Big Mo from Wolf Creek down. He never guides anywhere else. There is no need to! The Missouri River offers a flyrod angler a daily thrill of a lifetime, and Pete makes your trout dreams come true. Pete Cardinal is different! Viva la difference. His panache is what makes him so special. He has numerous idiosyncrasies, such as his tendency to repeat and talk to himself. If you are casting poorly, he most definitely will let you know. If you miss a dry fly take, every angler on the Missouri River will hear him yell, "You dorked him!" He has unforgettable expressions and can sometimes be intimidating but never humiliating. His cigars are cheap and smelly. His black lab is as much a part of the float trip as your fly rods. His wife Sandy's lunch is truly gourmet and always a thrill. I don't think I've ever eaten a rushed lunch at a run where risers are tantalizing and waiting for your cast. A few Pete stories will be more descriptive. Driving over the Craig bridge at 50 mph, he looked out my passenger window and said there were three trout rising on the bank. I could just about see the grass from that height and distance. He pulled over and we scrambled down the bank. Sure enough there were three trout working on the bank making the subtle dimples of a trout eating spinners. How the heck did he see that? We caught two Browns and "dorked" the last. I do know that his eyes for risers are uncanny. Always amazing as you pull up to a bank and there they are and you never saw one. My brother was casting into a pod of risers. His roll cast embedded his fly deep into the tip of Pete's nose. He kept that fly in his nose for the next hour as he did not want to waste a second of the action. When the hatch ended, he finally allowed me to extract the hook. That's Pete. The Missouri River is Pete's home and he is the master of the house. Throughout the day other boats drift by "yarn ballin" nymphs as Pete guides you to the most incredible beaks of rising trout willing to eat the dry fly. Others laugh as he uses his electric motor to hit a bank or beat the crowd. Under every condition Pete will always put you in the position to catch a trout. He is an original, a one of kind guy, who always beats his own drum. I have often said that Pete Cardinal is the greatest guide in our continent. Don't miss fishing with "The great one." - Mark S.

It's your turn!

What review will you write for your next dream sporting trip? We can't wait to hear about your trip of a lifetime.

There are many wonderful guides and outfitters for you to choose from. All you need to do is to decide what you want to do and where you want to go, and let an experienced guide turn your vacation from ordinary into extra-ordinary. 

It's your time!

Sure, you could paint the house on your time off or even re-sod the lawn. But why not treat yourself to an adventure that will let you return to your job feeling refreshed, enthusiastic, and brimming with stories! 



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