This Combat Veteran is making Frederick & Mathews Hunting Plantations a Hunter's Paradise Image

This Combat Veteran is making Frederick & Mathews Hunting Plantations a Hunter's Paradise

Dream Sporting Trips

Updated: April 19th 2016 @ 9:18am

We're pretty sure the nicest people in the world are hunting and fishing guides. And this interview only confirms it.

Our Dream Sporting Trips writer caught up with Clint Yancey of Frederick and Mathews Hunting Plantation in Warner Robins, Georgia. Clint is a Marine Corp Combat Veteran who served 11 combat military tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He retired after 25 years in the service, and with the help of his aunt and uncle, decided to open his own guide service.

With over 2,400 acres of white tail deer and turkey managed property in Georgia, hunters are often amazed at the abundance of game found on the strategically planted land.

Dream Sporting Trips

Clint, thanks so much for taking time to talk to us today. How did you get into this business? What made you decide to become a hunting guide?

Clint Yancey, Frederick and Mathews Hunting Plantation

During my downtime while serving in the Marine Corp, I would dream about what I would do when I retired. Hunting has always been one of my passions. We had family land and my aunt and uncle encouraged me to start this business. So with the help of friends and family, the rest is history! I love what I do, and I enjoy sharing the experience with others.

I want the hunts I offer to be affordable. I try to accommodate my prices to the working class man or woman. Even for the tightest budget, you may not be able to come this year, but it won’t take long to save it.

All our property has conservation easements on them. I work hand in hand with a retired wildlife biologist and the results have been amazing. The food plots at our Georgia deer hunting properties are maintained throughout the year as an optimum food source for our deer herds. Feeders are utilized February - August with a high protein feed for maximum antler growth. Our food plots have been planted with lablab (a high quality legume), clover, rape, radish, purple top turnips, peas, wheat, and oats - which our Georgia whitetail deer love!

I'm planning to offer duck hunting in a year or two, and am planting now for it.

Dream Sporting Trips

What kind of comments do you get from your clients?

Clint Yancey, Frederick and Mathews Hunting Plantation

Most of them are amazed at the large number of animals on our property, and some of the hunters from Florida, for example, have never hunted deer this large.

I enjoy talking about what we're doing here on the plantation and our land conservation efforts. We give educational sessions with our hunting packages, and our clients seem to appreciate the information.

The only motorized vehicle on the plantation is our tractor. We have customized electric golf carts we use to get around on the land.

Dream Sporting Trips

Would you tell us about a particularly memorable hunting adventure?

Clint Yancey, Frederick and Mathews Hunting Plantation

One of our hunters was text messaging me from his deer stand, giving me a play-by-play of the deer nearby. A total of 17 deer walked by--a couple of big bucks he couldn't get a shot at, etc. I told him to wait, just be patient. Sure enough, it wasn't long before he had his prize buck!

Dream Sporting Trips

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Clint Yancey, Frederick and Mathews Hunting Plantation

Just this. It's all about personal relationships--before you leave my hunts, whether good or bad, I want to know the feedback.


Who's ready to hunt?

Did we mention our guides are some of the nicest people in the world? Here's further proof:

1) Military and First Responders enjoy a 10% discount on their bookings! Just mention it at time of booking, please.

2) Weekends from January to June, the Frederick and Mathews Hunting Plantation will put you up free of charge in their lodge so that you can look at the terrain you'll be hunting--even before you decide to book your hunting trip!

The lodge has:

  • Bedrooms: Four bedrooms containing one king bed, and nine single beds
  • Bathrooms: Three Washer and Dryer
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Wheelchair accessible

"I just came back from Frederick and Mathews and I can't explain the pleasure and enjoyment I had there. Clint and his guides are fantastic and very knowledgeable. I had a hunt of a lifetime with great people. Clint cares about everyone who goes there and is always looking for the best for each and every one. I can't express the gratitude I have for these gentleman and look forward to many more trips with Frederick and Mathews and would recommend them to anyone. Clint, thank you for a dream come true." - Steven Loftus

"I would like to thank Clint Yancey, and his staff at Frederick and Mathews Hunting Plantation for an outstanding hunting experience. For outfitters, Clint and his staff are second to none. I have been on other paid hunts but none as enjoyable as the one here at Frederick and Mathews Hunting Plantation. The knowledge Clint and his staff have shows in the way that the property is managed, and will make Frederick and Mathews Hunting Plantation a world class outfit. Clint and his staff went the extra mile to try to make sure that I bagged the buck of a lifetime. Even though that didn’t happen this time, I still harvested my biggest deer ever. Clint hunted with me all day on my last day, I had learned more from him in just a few hours. Clint loves what he does, it’s not a job to him, it’s his life and it shows." - Charlie Sexton

For more information about the Frederick and Mathews Plantation hunts, the lodge, how to contact them, or just to say hello and thank you to Clint for serving the U.S.A. in combat, visit this link:


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