Swordfishing in Islamorada - A Deep, But Not a Dark Secret Image

Swordfishing in Islamorada - A Deep, But Not a Dark Secret

Updated: June 30th 2017 @ 9:05am

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Ask almost any angler and he'll tell you that nothing compares to the thrill of hooking, fighting, and landing a broadbill swordfish. This aggressive opponent can reach 1000 lbs, is one of the top ten fastest swimmers in the ocean, and can entertain you with some spectacular jumps. No wonder fishermen from all around the world flock to the Keys to try their hand at landing one of these champions.

But you have to go deep to find him. 

Sure, they can be seen basking on the surface during the day, but many times won't bite bait trolled past them. Your best bet is to go far out to sea, as swords are comfortable down to depths of 2000 feet or more.

Deep-drop fishing for swordfish

Various methods are used to fish for swords, but the most common method is deep-drop fishing. The boat is allowed to drift to present a more natural bait. Swordfishing requires strong fishing rods and reels, and it is not uncommon to use 5 lbs. or more of weight to get the baits deep enough during the day. Night fishing baits are usually fished much shallower, often less than 300 feet.

Standard swordfish baits

  • Quid, whole mackerel, herring, bonito, mullet
  • Imitation squid and other imitation fish lures will work
  • Baits are typically presented using glow sticks or specialized deepwater-proof battery operated lights

Islamorada is known around the world for their first-class fishing

It's true that the fishing is great year 'round in the beautiful waters surrounding the Sport Fishing Capital of the World--the famously laid-back, charming Islamorada, part of the chain of isles that make up the Florida Keys located off the southern tip of Florida and only 90 minutes from Miami. 



Go with a guide who knows the waters

Islamorada fishing guides spend their days out on the water and know the area like no one else. They know when the fish are running, where they're feeding, and they know the optimum place for YOU to cast your line to get the trophy fish you deserve. Add to that the fact that fishing charters typicallly supply bait and tackle, and it's an easy decision. 

Plan your trip today! Islamorada is where great sports fishermen go when they want the best there is. 



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