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Snook Fishing with the Galveston Guides

Updated: June 30th 2017 @ 9:11am

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Have you ever lived with anyone who was so picky about the temperature in the house that they couldn't tolerate even one degree above or below a narrow comfort range?

That's how picky a snook is. Highly temperature sensitive, snook rely on the temperature of the water to heat their bodies. The snook's comfort range is between 68-78 degrees F. Anything outside that range and they become sluggish and inactive. Because snook cannot tolerate sudden changes much below 60 degrees, a strong, fast moving cold front through an area containing snook may claim many lives due to the rapid drop in water temperature.

That's why the warm waters of the Gulf Coast are a favorite hangout of the snook.

Snook can tolerate a wide range of salinity and may be found in fresh water, hence why they can be found in Texas bays, passes, streams, rivers, and along the Gulf beaches. They can be found in shallow grass flats when water temperatures are warm, but may be found in deeper waters--especially around structure such as pilings--at all water temperatures. 

Snook are known as "ambush feeders" meaning that they'll surprise attack their prey as it moves into range. This occurs especially at the mouths of inlets where currents play a role while the snook waits in hiding behind bridge pilings, rocks, or other submerged structures. Besides preying on small fish, snook also feed on shrimp, crabs, and mollusks.

Prized by anglers for their aggressive strikes and go-for-broke fighting style, they offer plenty of challenge for fishermen.

And delicious? If you are lucky enough to land a keeper, give it a try and find out why it's called "a rare seasonal treat that's worth the effort." But you have to take its skin off, otherwise you'll discover why it's nicknamed the 'soap fish'. 

Fishing with a Galveston, Texas, Guide is your best bet to landing these fiesty fish

Because snook fishing involves a lot of hunting and a fair amount of luck, landing a big snook is considered a true feat. The Galveston charter guides know the areas they fish better than anyone.  

We are proud to recommend these qualified guides and charters for your next guided fishing trip:


Wave-Dancer-logo.jpegCaptain Greg Ball, Wave Dancer Charters, Galveston, TX
Family friendly; Winner 2015 "Best of the Island", one of two Texas charters that has two federally permitted boats

GETHOOKEDlogofinal.jpg.w300h271.jpgCaptain Mike Short, Get Hooked Charters, Galveston, TX
Offering high adrenaline shark fishing excursions to spear fishing trips to overnight tuna trips

Rod-bending-charters-logo.jpgCaptain Jason Woods, Rod Bending Charters, Galveston, TX
Several boats, groups welcome, family friendly

Captain_Dan_Green_Fishin_Addiction.pngCaptain Dan Green, Fishin Addiction Charters, Galveston, TX
Fishing the back bays for trout, near shore for sharks and bull reds



Kevin-Roberts-Guide.jpgCaptain Kevin Roberts, Captain Kevin Roberts Guide Service, Galveston, TX
Corporate and large party trips can be accommodated

Treble-J-logo.jpgA little further southwest, but still on the Texas coast:

Captain Jack McPartland, Treble J Charters, Rockport, TX
10% discount on full-day trips for active military



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