No ribbons, bows or fluff--just some gift ideas Dad will love Image

No ribbons, bows or fluff--just some gift ideas Dad will love

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Updated: June 2nd 2016 @ 10:45pm

Sunday, June 19, is Father's Day!

It helps to get suggestions from others who enjoy the same sports Dad does. So we gathered suggestions from some of our hunting and fishing guides and outfitters... and threw in a few ideas of our own. 


Polarized Sunglasses - Costa Del Mar's with 580 Glass Lenses.  

"They will reduce glare and help you spot fish in the water." 
Captain Tony Horsley, Bowed Up Fishing Charters, Islamorada, Florida Keys (Bowed Up Fishing Charters also offers gift certificates for fishing trips!)


Prices Vary
Gander Mountain Camping Equipment

"Father's Day is a wonderful day for family members to give old Dad a day off. It should be a family day for Dad and the family, thus I suggest camping gear for all to use; a nice tent and cots combination. Load up the crew and head to the hills and enjoy time with the family under the stars. My Dad's gone now, but I think of him often. This day is a time to remember the good times we had together. Time passes quickly, enjoy the time with Dad and build memories together." 
Jack Cassidy, winner of the North American Professional Hunter of the Year Award, Colorado Big Game Hunts. (Jack also offers gift certificates for big game hunts!) 



CompactXR - Extra Range Thermal Imaging Camera designed for your smart phone

"With a thermal imaging camera, you can scout terrain in total darkness, accurately track during fog or dense conditions, and long after dusk sets in."
Tristram Allen, CEO, Dream Sporting Trips, Certified Shooting Instructor



FishHunter - the World’s Fastest and Most Powerful Portable, Wireless Fish Finder

"Find the fish using your smart phone! This handy device measures surface water temperatures, has three settings, and provides great resolution of up to 120 feet. It uses military grade sonar technology and is about the size of a baseball. The best part is that it will give an accurate detection of fish location and fish size."
Justin Reasoner, Web Developer & Programmer, Dream Sporting Trips (and brand new father!)





Shimano Stradic Reel  

"It's light, strong, and smooth as silk. In my opinion, one of the best spinning reels being made today. You can't go wrong buying a Shimano Stradic reel."
Jeff Masterson, Web Developer & Programmer, Dream Sporting Trips




Shimano Calcutta Conquest Reel

The Shimano brand pops up again as a second favorite by our experts--and there's a reason why. "If you haven't seen or, more importantly, held a Shimano Conquest in your hands, it's hard to describe the precision with which these reels are assembled. Trust us, Dad will love this."
Tristram Allen, CEO, Dream Sporting Trips 




Trius One-Step Trap

"For the man who taught you how to sight in a rifle, how to clean a gun, and to respect the Second Amendment, this is for you. Dad can cock and trip the trap with just his foot so he can remain in shooting position. Trap throws singles and doubles so Dad can practice his aim more efficiently."
Rhonda Burns, Content Marketing, Dream Sporting Trips






YETI Rambler Tumblers

YETI Drinkware is as tough as their coolers. The stainless steel, double-wall vacuum insulated Rambler will keep your beverage as cold as science allows. "Throw in a couple of lottery tickets, and you've got a great gift!" 
Dallas Berlin, Admin Assistant, Dream Sporting Trips   


Caldwell Natural Series Whitetail Target Kit

"Paper targets make great gifts for the Dad who hunts! Add some of Dad's favorite target ammo and he'll be a happy hunter." 
Dallas Berlin, Admin Assistant, Dream Sporting Trips








$17.95 - one year
Magazine Subscription: Texas Fish & Game

Ok, so we're a little biased. And why not? Look for a half-page featured ad by Dream Sporting Trips on page 2 of the July edition! There's no denying, magazine subscriptions make wonderful gifts.
Dream Sporting Trips Staff






Prices Vary
Spinning Reel & Rod or a Fly Rod

If your Dad had his way, would he fish every day? If so, time to say thanks to the guy who taught you to bait a hook and cast a line. "Depending on what type of fishing your Dad likes, we recommend Bass Pro for a great selection. Their staff can help you find the perfect fit based on the type of fishing Dad enjoys." 
Tony Horsley, Bowed Up Fishing Charters, Islamorada, Florida Keys







Still didn't find just the right gift?

How about giving Dad the trip of a lifetime?

Dream Sporting Trips features hundreds of reputable hunting and fishing guides from all over the world. Many of them are fathers, themselves. They will see to it that Dad has plenty of hunting or fishing stories to remember and talk about for years to come. 

"I think experiences are better than gifts... I'd take my Papa on a fishing trip!"
Elizabeth Sockol, Director of Business Development, Dream Sporting Trips

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Dream Sporting Trips never charges a commission. 
We simply promote the best guides and outfitters in the world!

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