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New Team Member- Sydney Meeks

Dream Sporting Trips

Updated: August 4th 2016 @ 5:34pm

Dream Sporting Trips is delighted to announce that we have a new team member, Sydney Meeks!

Sydney is an avid outdoorsman with a passion for capturing her outdoor journey in words. As a young child, Sydney’s granddaddy sparked her interest first in the outdoors by teaching her how to bait a hook and take the fish off. Throughout her youth, she was affectionately known as her granddaddy’s “little hunting buddy.” Now that her grandfather has passed away, Sydney explains that his legacy lives on through her hunting adventures. “Each time I break a small limb off a pine tree and rub the needles on my hunting clothes, I think about him. It’s the little things that remind me of him most, the sun glistening on a pond, a doe grazing with her fawn, and the simplicity of walking through the woods—he’s there. He’s with me in every harvest and every adventure,” Sydney said.

A west Alabama native, Sydney serves as a field expert for Drake Waterfowl Systems and also represents Higdon Outdoors as a crew member. Sydney is affiliated with Outdoor Box Club and Skeleton Optics.




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