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Merry Christmas from Dream Sporting Trips

Dream Sporting Trips

Updated: April 18th 2016 @ 5:17am

Merry Christmas from all the Staff at DST!


‘Twas the night before Christmas
At Dream Sporting Trips.
We were loading the last
Of the postings and pics.

Tristram had added
the last final touch.
The website was ready;
Prime time for re-launch!

“Not yet,” announced Justin.
There’s more to be done!
There’s coding and checking,
SEO to be done!” 

Rhonda was busy
Still typing her notes.
Her fingers were flying,
Day’s end was so close.

His nose to the grindstone
Jeff never looked up;
Intent on completing
And wrapping things up.

When in the back room
There arose such a clatter
They all jumped at once
To see what was the matter.

Tiptoeing slowly
The staff made their way,
Peeked out the door
And to their dismay…

They saw an old fellow
Apparently lost.
He looked quite confused,
And decidedly quashed.

From head to his toe
He was covered in soot.
He walked with a limp
And only one boot. 

His grimy red suit
And his hat were a mess.
He mustered a smile
And though quite in distress…

He pled “My dear people,
Please help me post haste.
My reindeer deserted!
… oh this is Disgrace!” 

“The children are waiting
And all will be lost.
I must get a new guide
And at any cost!”

The DST staff
Quickly put him at ease,
“Don’t fear, my good man,
It’s our expertise!”

While Justin freshened the
Dear man’s confections,
Rhonda took photos
And plied him with questions.

Trist flew to the keyboard
And with a few strokes
Found just the right trail guide,
A dandy fine bloke.

In no time at all
The guide did appear
And with him a fresh team
Of mighty fine deer!

“Ah, thank you dear people!
This service is steller!
Without it, I would be
A mighty sad feller. 

As Trist kindly helped him
Climb up on his sleigh,
Jeff quickly calculated
The gent’s ETA.

The staff bid him good night
And though tired, stood there waving.
The day had been long,
And their families were waiting.

They heard him exclaim
As he took off in a zip
“Merry Christmas to all...
thanks to Dream Sporting Trips!”

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