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Meet Captain Jason Woods, Galveston Texas

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Updated: April 18th 2016 @ 10:02pm

“We caught our limit within an hour or so. It was like Bam!!! Bam!!! Bam!!!”


The fishing is fantastic off the coast of Galveston, Texas. Busy Captain Jason Woods of Rod Bending Charters recently took time for an interview with Dream Sporting Trips staff.

Captain Woods has 15 years' experience in leading charter fishing trips for some of the best fishing in the world--the Galveston jetties and deep bay jetty in the Gulf of Mexico.

We asked him how he got into the business and what made him decide to become a fishing guide. "My Dad took me fishing as a young boy, and those were some of the best times of my life. Now I don't just do this as a hobby, but as my livelihood."

Captain Woods and his wife have three children ages 9, 7, and 2 and another on the way. He's making sure his children have the same opportunities he had... to go fishing with their Dad. 

We asked him what is his personal favorite fish to catch--the Captain chuckled and said, "I like to catch the ones I like to eat... red snapper, grouper, kingfish, and tuna." The most popular fish his clients are looking to catch? "Red fish, trout, flounder, and sharks... and there are plenty of sharks in these waters."

The most common question he gets from eager fishermen is, "How many fish can I expect to catch?" and though the answer depends on factors out of his control such as weather conditions, he said the average number of fish caught on the expeditions he leads is between 20-32. But it is not out of the ordinary to catch upwards of 100.

The most exciting fishing trip Captain Woods personally made was one off the coast of Cancun, Mexico. In less than an hour, there were three 5' sailfish onboard the boat... now that's what we call rod bending fishing!

This is a family-friendly charter!

On this trip, they caught 25 sheepshead, 2 reds, 8 drum and a bunch of Gulf trout.


"I took a fishing trip with Jason from Rod Bending Charters and it was the best trout and mackerel trip I’ve ever been on. Jason put us right on the fish and within seconds we were pulling the specs in the boat. Not just any old specs. He put us on some big ole hogs. We caught our limit within an hour or so. It was like Bam!!! Bam!!! Bam!!! Almost every cast produced a keeper Spec, Spanish Mackerel or Black Drum. It was awesome!!! Jason sure knows what fishing is all about and is an awesome guide. I’ve taken lots of fishing charters and Jason has been the best by far. He is on top of his game when it comes to catching the big boys. He will get my business for many more years to come. As a matter of fact, I have already booked another trip with him tomorrow. He won’t let you down. If the fish are there, I guarantee he’ll put you on them for some Rod Bending, drag pulling action. Thanks again Jason!!! You are the MAN!!!!!" - Rodney McCoy

"Jason put us on the fish, we caught so many snapper I got tired of reeling. A king, and many a shark. I also went on a jetty trip and caught a whole bunch of trout and reds. Also he is awesome with the kids too. He makes sure the kiddos get all the help they can so you can also enjoy the fishing. The next trip I take will be the 24 hour deep sea." - James Fremin

"Best time ever!"


"I have taken many charters and the one with Rod Bending Charters and Capt. Jason Woods was by far the best. He had a great attitude and understood when my kids made mistakes. The fishing also was great--will be eating fish for months. Thanks for a great trip. See you next year." - Kyle Norton

"Thanks Cap for the best fishing me and my kids have ever had. I want to take them every year and I can promise it will be with you. We are enjoying eating these fish in the way you told us to prepare them. We can't wait for our next trip and the kids are still talking about the sharks. See you next time!" - Sam Easley and Kids 

"We had an awesome time with Captain Jason. He is so easy to get along with, and was great with us. Within about 5 min, he put me on my very first bull red! And it wasn't just any little fish, either! We WILL be back to fish with Rod Bending Charters again real soon. Once again, Thank You for the trip! It made our anniversary awesome!" - Junior Lehmann

Groups are welcome!

We have several boats and can accommodate any size group.


"If you're looking for the ultimate FISHING experience... you've found it. Jason Woods of Rod Bending Charters has it all! The best boat, tackle & know-how to put you on the fish in any season. This was obvious in a trip mid-February trip when our boat, surrounded by 20 others, was the only one catching 60lb Black Drum on a cold, windy Saturday afternoon. Great fishing, an elite boat & hilarious conversations is what you're going to experience with Captain Jason Woods. I highly recommend for all occasions... Friends, Family or Business. Thanks again Jason & looking forward to our next trip!" - Nick Sabula

Shark fishing!

"Fantastic day! Kept 3 but caught several more. Thanks guys!"


"Shark trip was very exciting watching the fish swim around the boat. We must have caught one after the other for at least 3 hours. Then went to the jetty and got some big reds. The Captain was fun to be around and knew where to catch the fish. Be back ASAP!!!!" - Mark Millington

"The fishing was great! We caught 30+ fish including a giant 7ft hammerhead shark. We will be back next year. Thanks again Captain for a great trip." - Kyle Matthews

What are you waiting for?

Let's go fishing!



Rod Bending Charters offers year-round fishing trips that meet the needs of an amateur or professional. They have several different trips to choose from or just call and tell them what you're looking for. You know you're getting a committed guide because he doesn't do this just on weekends... it's his business! 

Contact Captain Jason Woods today and book the fishing trip of your dreams! Gift certificates are available, too.


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