Meet Captain Carol LeCompte, Reelivin Charters & Lodge, Buras, Louisiana Image

Meet Captain Carol LeCompte, Reelivin Charters & Lodge, Buras, Louisiana

Updated: June 30th 2017 @ 9:28am

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Inshore, shallow water fishing at its best. "Fishing in these waters is an everyday thing. There's no need to freeze fish down here because they are so abundant and aggressive."

RL-captain.jpgThere's no secret to getting all the fish you want if you know where they are and when they're biting. And Captain Carol LeCompte has figured it out. 

Our Dream Sporting Trips writer caught up with the Captain early one morning as he was heading out on a kayak fishing trip in the flats.

Dream Sporting Trips

Thank you, Captain, for taking time this morning to talk to us. Tell us, what made you decide to become a fishing guide? 

Captain Carol LeCompte

I love to fish. I fished all the time as a kid. I worked in an oil field most of my life and then decided I wanted to do something different. The rest is history. I was born and raised in the marshes of South Louisiana and I know them about as as well as anyone can. Fishing in these waters is an everyday thing. There is no need to freeze fish down here because they are so abundant and aggressive. There's really no secret to catching fish--all you have to do is fish where the fish are!

Dream Sporting Trips

What do you personally like to fish for?

Captain Carol LeCompte 

Speckled Trout, definitely! My clients usually request to fish for Flounder, Redfish, or Speckled Trout... sometimes Black Drum and Sheepshead. [see the Captain's original Redfish pizza dish below!]

Dream Sporting Trips

Do you have a particularly exciting fishing adventure you'd mind sharing with our readers?

Captain Carol LeCompte

Catching bull reds (above 27 inches) in a kayak when the fish is dragging you around like a sleigh ride is pretty exciting. And in April when the Speckled Trout are on a fishing frenzy, you can catch them one after another as quick as you can reel 'em in!



Move Over Pizza Hut

The Captain also loves to cook, and one of his favorite recipes is his own creation -- Redfish Pizza! He de-bones the fish, opens it flat, adds mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, and puts it on the grill. We think he may be onto something!


Location, location, location

Louisiana's delta is one of the world's best fishing locations, and one of the few places where you can catch redfish, speckled trout, flounder and black-drum all in one spot. The Mississippi River is one of the main reasons for the abundance of fish in this area. The freshwater converging with saltwater is what makes this region unique. As a result, the waters and marshlands here are the best nursery and feeding ground for fish along the Gulf of Mexico.

With Reelivin's fleet of fast and comfortable shallow water boats, you can experience some of the best inshore fishing in the world. 



Kayak Fishing: battling the fish... up close and personal

Through their partnership with Kayak Venice, Reelivin also provides the best guides and prices around for kayak fishing! They can also mothership kayaks out to amazing fishing grounds like Breton Sound.

Through kayaking you can experience the rich Louisiana landscape and wildlife in a way that you will never forget. If you've never fished from a kayak, you are in for a treat. Nothing compares to the excitement of hooking into a big red and being towed around as if you were on a sleigh ride! They offer Kayak Fishing, Kayak Tours, and Mothership Kayak Adventures.


The Reelivin Lodge

The lodge is a 6 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath home with two large living and dining areas. It sleeps 18 people and is perfect for corporate fishing retreats. There is a large patio with an outdoor kitchen and ample seating and a beautiful inground pool with adjoining patio for relaxation.


So, who's ready for some Reelivin'?

"Stayed here last December. The hospitality Carol and Herman showed was beyond excellent. From great food, comfortable beds, the pool and great stories, I'll definitely be back soon. I think I gained a few pounds, too. I highly recommend this lodge." - Mike Conneen

More details about Reelivin's trips, guides, and fleet at this link:



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