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Louisiana Hunter/Fisherman Invents Solution for Age-Old Problem

Updated: June 30th 2017 @ 8:59am


Leave it to a country boy to come up with the best new idea we've seen in years. When you grow up hunting and fishing and spending lots of time in the wild, you learn to be resourceful, inventive, and well, you learn how to get-r-done! 

Tony Willis, Creator of Cooler Mate, has solved a pesky problem hunters and fishermen have dealt with ever since we've been icing down our catch of the day.

Tony was born and raised in Louisiana, living practically inside a national forest and on the edge of a game preserve, so it's no wonder hunting and fishing was a big part of his life. When he wasn't in the woods, he was bass fishing with his Dad on Toledo Bend Lake, mostly for pleasure but often in local tournaments. 

His Cooler Mate idea was inspired from his early deer hunting days. He would kill a deer on the weekend, dress it, place the meat in coolers and ice it down. For the next few days, the routine was to drain the ice melt and transfer the blood-soaked meat from the soggy bottom of the cooler to the top, and repeat the process after the next ice melt occurred.

After using a homemade tray to help this effort, he decided it was time to put one of his ideas to life. The rest is history! 

Fresher, Better Tasting Meat and No Plugged Drains

Cooler Mate will keep the meat off the cooler bottom and the nasty ice melt which means it will taste fresher and less wild. It prevents plugged drains and hot spots that form on bottom meat that can suction to coolers and spoil. And no more leaving the drain plug out, attracting ants and unwanted critters!

Keep Items Cold, Not Wet

Ice chests are essential for anyone who enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, or just being outdoors. In spite of the advances of Cooler design and technology, ice is going to melt, and with that melt comes a mess. Cooler Mate tackles the inconvenience of melt head on, not by eliminating melt, but by keeping cooler contents safely above ice runoff. Cooler Mate allows ice melt to rest below your meat, food and drinks, keeping items safely above, where they belong.

Simply insert Cooler Mate in your cooler. Place items in cooler. Ice them down. Raise them up... and stay food stays fresh!

Cooler Mate(s) come in two and three packs and up. You would use the size chart on website and purchase the amount needed for your cooler. Shipping is FREE!

How to Order Cooler Mate

Check out Tony's dynamite website at the link below! 


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Ron GuilloryPosted: August 1st 2016 @ 10:24pm
Best cooler accessory ever great for crabbing also!