Light up your day - go fishing for Mahi-mahi with an experienced Islamorada guide! Image

Light up your day - go fishing for Mahi-mahi with an experienced Islamorada guide!

Updated: June 30th 2017 @ 9:12am

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The triple crown of sportfish, Mahi-mahi (Hawaiian for strong-strong) light up with breathtaking neon colors and provide some of the most exciting, high jumping, tail flipping fights you'll ever experience on the open water, and there's no better place to catch them than in Islamorada, jewel of the Florida Keys.

The "mood ring" of saltwater fish

Mahi-mahi provide clues as to whether the bait you're using is enticing. When you see one of these fish eyeballing your bait or chum, pay attention to its colors. Are they dull? Might want to try something else. Are the colors vivid and "lit up"? Then hang on, because it's an obvious sign that the fish likes what he sees. Mahi-mahi can change the intensity of their colors based on their mood (unfortunately, their color usually fades almost immediately after they are brought onboard). 

The dramatic color changes are due to its three-dimensional scales. According to Steve Hicks on, these scales are tied to the animal's nervous system which cause the scales to catch and reflect light like a prism when the animal is excited or frightened. 

Not related to dolphins

Mahi-mahi are also known as dolphin fish, but are not at all related to dolphins. Dolphins are air-breathing mammals, whereas Mahi-mahi are water-breathing fish, distantly related to perch

Mahi-mahi eat constantly and can grow to 20 lbs in one year. Bull dolphin are the male fish with a more square head. Cows are their female counterparts. They are mild-tasting, sweet-flavored fish with a firm texture. 

Islamorada ideal for fishing for Mahi-mahi

Mahi-mahi love warm, temperate water, and they roam the sea in a continual hunt for food. The Keys are some of the best Mahi-mahi fishing waters available, and Islamorada is a favorite destination of anglers from all around the world. 

The Gulf Stream of the Atlantic Ocean, the Florida Bay, and the Gulf of Mexico surround the Florida Keys. Every warm water gamefish that swims in our hemisphere can be found in these waters at one time of the year or another.


Methods of fishing

Dolphin can be caught using live bait, fly fishing gear, trolling, and sight fishing.

Why choose an Islamorada fishing charter? 

Experienced fishermen know that there is no substitute for local knowledge, and this is why chartering a local captain and guide is a smart thing to do. Of course, no one can force the fish to bite, but simply being in the right place at the right time with the right tide and the right bait can make all the difference when it comes to catching the fish you've been dreaming about.

You'll find some of the best guides and charters in the world listed in our directory. Why not book your dream sporting trip today?



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