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How to Choose A Big Game Hunting Guide

Updated: June 30th 2017 @ 9:15am

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Big Game Hunts are often a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and something you'll want to plan carefully for. But where to start? How do you compare one hunt to another? How do you find the right fit for YOU?

It was the frustration of finding an elk hunt we wanted that compelled us to start Dream Sporting Trips (read our story here). We totally understand the confusion of sorting through multiple websites trying to find the perfect hunt, and when you find one that sounds interesting, you can't remember what site it was that you'd like to compare it to. Before you know, you've wasted far too many hours, are more confused than ever, and still haven't arrived at a decision.

That's why we hired some of the top web designers in the business and tasked them with designing our Dream Sporting Trip online directory to be not only user-friendly, but full of the information a hunter or angler wants and needs to know before booking a trip. Our web designers, like all of our staff, are avid hunters and anglers, which gives them an edge on developing the perfect blend of options and information YOU need when putting down your hard-earned money for the hunt of a lifetime.

There are a number of quality, trusted big game guides on our easy-to-use online directly listing, and that number grows weekly as new guides and outfitters discover the advantages of listing on the Dream Sporting Trips directory.

The first thing you'll notice is the simplicity of noting the individualized features each hunting guide/outfitter offers, as you make your comparisons and shop for the right fit for you. Our guides and outfitters input the information themselves, so you'll notice each is a bit different and in their own words. However, all entries are standardized to include photos, trips, reviews (if available), blogs, and reports (if guides choose to utilize these features).

And when you find a guide you're interested in, you'll see that we have provided their contact information and their own website link(s) so that you can quickly and easily contact them DIRECTLY with any additional information you may want, or to book your trip (we never charge commissions or booking fees).

Ready to find your Dream Sporting Trip?

Here are some tips that may be helpful as you compare the big game guides/outfitters:

Know what you want. Do you want an elk hunt? A bear hunt? A bighorn sheep hunt? Hunting for moose? Do you want a tent camp or more comfortable lodge, a hunt from a 4×4, by horseback, or would you prefer backpacking in? Are you in shape for a really physical hunt? Outfitters offering fairly tough hunts usually ask their clients about their health and condition and for good reason. Some are set up to help those with health limitations, but many are not. It's best to determine this up front.


[Above: The Scapegoat Wilderness is part of the 1.5 million acre Bob Marshall Wilderness complex, and we pack all our camp and clients in on mules and horses. This is a rugged hunt.]

Know what you can afford. Most guided hunts for a given species have a fairly broad price range. Factors include facilities and amenities, area (private land elk hunts, for instance, are generally costlier than public land), transportation to and from (if provided), the outfitter’s reputation, and time of year or season. You'll also want to determine if meals are included with your package, or if you'll need to pay extra for this service.

Check referrals. While you'll find that the guides/outfitters listed on our online directory are thoroughly qualified, it is still helpful to read any reviews left by previous clients. Check the guide's website and Facebook page for additional reviews. This is the modern word-of-mouth method of advertising that has proven to be highly valuable. (And please, if you have an exceptional experience with your guide/outfitter, please take a minute or two to write a review for them.)

Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions. After all, it’s your money and your decision as to whether or not you should hire a particular guide. We're proud of the guides and outfitters listed on our Dream Sporting Trips online directory. They work hard to ensure the best possible hunting experience for you. While no one can guarantee success--that often depends on factors outside a guide's control--by speaking to a guide or outfitter directly when you are considering booking a hunt, you'll have a better idea as to if you're a good fit with the service he offers.

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About Us. Our goal at Dream Sporting Trips is to help you enjoy your passion by making it easy to find the trips you want. After all, why should fun be hard work? A trip is an investment in time, money, but more importantly memories. Great trips are priceless, so don't settle for a trip that’s anything less than great!


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