Gulp! Have you added it to your bait box yet? Image

Gulp! Have you added it to your bait box yet?

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Updated: July 12th 2016 @ 6:19pm

The ingredients in Gulp! may be proprietary, but whatever those ingredients are, it works!

Berkley fish biologist Dr. Keith Jones and chemist John Prochnow devoted two decades to perfecting the baits. The result? Empty wallets at Walmart from eager anglers who have discovered the product delivers.

The actual combination of scents and flavors is a heavily guarded secret, but the results are achieved through a three-layer formula. 

  1. No matter what the fish, they all consume the same basic staple diets -- much like our meat and potatoes are basic to our diet. These staples are the base layer for all Gulp! products and contain a formula that Berkley scientists have found to appeal universally to fish.
  2. The second layer of the Gulp! flavor formula is considered the seasoning layer, with each bait "seasoned" with the flavors research has shown the fish to be attracted to. Kinda' like the salt and pepper you'd add to your meat and potatoes.
  3. The third layer is specific to the style of bait. From shrimp to baitfish, extra ingredients are included in Gulp! so that these baits smell like the bait they represent. 

When a fish eats a Gulp! Shrimp, for example, it's actually tasting several different things. He gets the shrimp layer, the seasoning layer, and the meat and potatoes. That's why fish don't pass up a Gulp! meal when they can get it.

What It Isn't

Gulp! isn't plastic like some of the worms, lizards, craws, etc., that are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

What It Is

Gulp! is made of water-based resins. This is significant because the structure allows for much more scent distribution than with oil-based resins. Put more simply, it means that the fish respond to the scent much more than they do with plastic lures.

When a fish eats Gulp!, it picks up all the flavor and scent just like it would if it were eating a living creature. The fish think it's real food so they hit harder and hang on longer.

Gulp! Alive!

Can be recharged and kept fresh for best performance.

Try It For Yourself

There are times when you just have to try something for yourself to see if it works, and it is for this reason that we highly recommend you give Gulp! a chance. We'd love to have your feedback in the comments section below!

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