Going for the Sailfish in Islamorada, the Sport Fishing Capital of the World Image

Going for the Sailfish in Islamorada, the Sport Fishing Capital of the World

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Updated: May 13th 2016 @ 10:01pm

If it's the fiesty, acrobatic sailfish you're after, an Islamorada fishing trip can be just the ticket.

Islamorada is known around the world for their first-class fishing

It's true that the fishing is great year 'round in the beautiful waters surrounding the Sport Fishing Capital of the World--the famously laid-back, charming Islamorada, part of the chain of isles that make up the Florida Keys located off the southern tip of Florida and only 90 minutes from Miami. 

Perhaps the world's highest density of professional offshore charter boats with tournament-grade captains can be found in this island paradise, a village of six small islands where backcountry sport fishing and saltwater fly fishing were pioneered. Serious anglers looking for sailfish will take a look at factors such as when these beauties are moving through the region as well as where they're feeding.

Hiring an Islamorada fishing guide is your best bet

If you're not from around the area and don't have time to scout around, what do you do? Hire a guide!

Islamorada fishing guides spend their days out on the water and know the area like no one else. They know when the fish are running, where they're feeding, and they know the optimum place for YOU to cast your line. How else can they stay in business in this highly competitive industry?

Add to that the fact that fishing charters typicallly supply bait and tackle, and it's an easy decision. The most common methods used by Islamorada fishermen to snag these beauties is with live-baiting, either by kite fishing or flatline drifting, with pilchard, pinfish, blue runner, or goggle-eye used most often. 

Sailfish average 30-60 lbs, but can weigh in at up to 100 lbs. The state record is a 126 lb sailfish caught in the Florida Keys.

Optimum time to go sailfishing in the Keys

The prime times to fish for sailfish near Islamorada are the winter months, and successful anglers usually start catching them with consistency in November through March, with the season generally running through April and May.

Water temperatures play a huge role in the fishing season, as well as bait migrations. During the winter months between January and March, the cold fronts and the stiff winds out of the north and east help to create a good tailing conditions along the reefs. The Gulf Stream, which passes close to the island, is where the big game fish live. Inside the reef line is where you'll find the feisty sailfish, and the guides know this.

Dreaming of catching a sailfish in the Keys?

Plan your trip today! Islamorada is where great sports fishermen go when they want the best there is. 

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