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Go Bear Hunting with the Dream Sporting Trips Guides!

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It's true! Dream Sporting Trips will pay you $100 when you refer someone who books and completes one of these five featured bear hunts. Terms and conditions apply. See rules below. 

Jack-Cassidy.jpgJack Cassidy, Colorado Big Game Hunts
Montrose, Colorado

Provides hunters with quality hunts for bear and other game at the famous Packrat Camp on the rim of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.

* * * * * FEATURED HUNT * * * * *

5 full days of hunting, September 10-14, 2016

With the increase in the number of Black Bear in Colorado, the Colorado Division of Wildlife now has available Private Land Bear Licenses. This ensures our hunters success in the drawing for these September Bear Licenses. This will be a spot-and-stalk hunt in the canyons and mesas of Western Colorado using either a rifle or bow. Hunters will be staying at the Packrat Camp on the rim of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison with food, lodging, and 1x1 guide service at this famous elk camp.

Bears will be mostly color phase: browns, blondes, cinnamons, and some black colored bears. Availability of food sources (berries, acorns, etc.) will determine the exact hunting areas. Hunting in September is a wonderful time to be in the Colorado Mountains in search of a Fall Bear with his heavy coat and hungry to store up his food for the winter ahead. Jack Cassidy will guide this hunt and ensure an enjoyable and successful trip.

scapegoat-mules.jpgJake Ingram, Scapegoat Wilderness Outfitters
Havre, Montana

Offering spring black bear hunts in true wilderness fashion, packing all their camp and clients in on mules and horses.

* * * * * FEATURED HUNT * * * * *

5 day hunts from June 10-14, 2016
$1950 for a 2 on 1 hunt. Add $500 for a one-on-one hunt.

We offer a true wilderness, pack in, horseback, spot-and-stalk black bear hunt. If you want to experience hunting the way it was meant to be, this is it. We stay in wall tents 6 miles from the closest vehicle access and hunt deeper into the wilderness from there. No lodges, no vehicles, and no sitting in a tree stand staring at a bait pile. 

Your spring black bear hunt will start at the trailhead on Day 1 where we will meet up, pack your gear, and adjust your stirrups for the 6 mile horseback ride into base camp. Upon arrival, we will unload your gear and get you settled into your 14x16 canvas wall tent complete with cot, foam pad, lantern, and wood stove. After getting a bite to eat, we will head out for an evening of glassing as this will be the primary way to find a bear. June is when the bears are rutting and the boars will be frequently moving looking for sows. We may also try some predator calling from time to time. After the evening hunt, we will return to camp for a homecooked meal prepared by our cook. We will leave most mornings on horseback and spend the majority of our time glassing open parks and burnt timber. Bears have been spotted while fishing in the creek just below camp, so throw in your rod if you desire and take advantage of the exceptional fishing and maybe you'll see a bear in the process. Each morning you will be fed a hot homemade breakfast and sent with a sack lunch to be eaten in the field. The last day will be a travel day back to the trailhead, so after you have eaten your breakfast we will hit the trail and have you back to your vehicle around noon.

HL-bear.jpgGlen Kleinfelter, Homestead Lodge
Oxbow, Maine

Offering hunting packages for guided bear-over-bait in scenic northern Maine.

* * * * * FEATURED HUNT * * * * *

  • August 29 - September 3     
  • September 5-10    
  • September 12-17
  • September 19-24

Offering self-guided, guided, and combo hunts
$1800 per week/per person; includes meals and lodging

Maine trophy bear hunters using bow, rifle, slug gun, muzzle loaders, hand guns, or cameras have equal opportunity to harvest the Trophy Black Bear of a lifetime due largely to setting each site specifically for the individual hunter and to our continuing maintenance efforts. LandOwner Regulations require separation by township and road system of commercial Outfitters and ½ mile between sites. Homestead Lodge has a MINIMUM of 1 mile between sites and we lease enough ground that we can provide not only a new site for each hunter each week, but a whole new area each week for a whole new opening week experience each week!

Homestead Lodge wants you to go home with the bear trophy of your dreams and our Master Guides have the knowledge, skill, and experience to make it happen. We do not just open a camp for the Maine bear hunting season; we live and work here year round. We are legally allowed to bait for 30 days prior to the season opening and we bait all 30 days.

Directory Listing (click here for guide contact information)
"A New England Jewel--Homestead Lodge"

HCO-2.jpgChris Moehring, High Country Outfitters
Des Moines, New Mexico

Offering fully guided hunts for black bear and other gameRifle hunters primarily spot-and-stalk, while archery hunters primarily stand hunt.

* * * * * FEATURED HUNT * * * * *

5-day fully guided hunt August 20-24, 2016
$3000/person plus the cost of the New Mexico hunting license ($74) and the bear license ($260). 
I can take 2 people. All meals and lodging provided. 

Bear hunts are 5 day hunts for both archery and rifle hunters. Rifle hunters will be primarily spot-and-stalk, while archery hunters are primarily stand hunts. I highly recommend a 30 caliber or larger rifle, shooting 180 grain or heavier bullets. Bear season in New Mexico starts on August 16 and is based on a strict quota system. Must have bear license purchased at least 48 hours before the hunt begins. License is over-the-counter and may be purchased online from New Mexico Department of Game and Fish.  

High Country Outfitters leases numerous hunting properties in beautiful, breathtaking Northeast New Mexico. It is VERY important that you have practiced shooting and you are comfortable firing your weapon up to the necessary distance required for your hunt. You should be comfortable taking a shot at up to 300 yards when hunting bear.

NRS7.jpgRon Nemetchek, North River Stone
Alberta, Canada

Offering guided Grizzly hunts in remote, northern B.C. Our British Columbia grizzly hunts in the Cassair Mountains produce trophy-class bears.

* * * * * FEATURED HUNT * * * * *

  • August 29 - September 7
  • September 7-18
  • September 18-28
  • September 28 - October 9

Grizzly: $15,900 plus an $8000 trophy fee (includes the $1500 royalty)

North River Outfitting is proud to offer guided Grizzly hunts in remote, northern B.C. Our British Columbia grizzly hunts in the Cassair Mountains produce trophy-class bears. These are true mountain grizzlies and the area boasts a big population of bears. We typically hunt these bears over berry patches in the fall. Due to their good population, bears seem to be everywhere.

Even with a healthy population, we are very careful to harvest only trophy-quality bears and we take limited bookings each year. If you are interested in a mountain grizzly bear hunt with North River Outfitting, please book well in advance.

The value of the greatest hunt you'll ever have? Priceless.

When you spring for a guided bear hunt, you're getting the vast expertise and experience of a qualified guide who has already done the scouting, has the proper permits, and will take care of you during the hunt.

You're taking the hunt you've dreamed about possibly for years, and it's worth it to be established in a comfortable camp, in great bear country, and accompanied by knowledgeable guides who can not only help you bag your prize, but keep you entertained from dawn until dusk with some hair-raising hunting stories.


You may refer a friend to any of the five (5) featured bear hunting adventures as described above. To enter, send an email to info@dreamsportingtrips.com with the following information:

(1) your name and address (otherwise, how can we contact you with payment if your friend books pays for, and completes the bear hunt?);

(2) the name and email address of the person you referred for the featured hunting trip as described above (for verification purposes).

Failure to submit this information may result in ineligibility of receipt of referral fee. You may enter as many times as you wish.


Don't take it personally, but as required by law, here are the prerequisite terms and conditions for this promotion that you are urged to read: RULES AND REGULATIONS


Please contact the individual guides for specific questions about the hunts they offer. All bookings should be made directly with the guide/outfitter. 

If you have questions about the $100 referral program, please email Dream Sporting Trips at info@dreamsportingtrips.com 

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