Fishing with the happiest man alive, Captain Greg Ball, Wave Dancer Charters Image

Fishing with the happiest man alive, Captain Greg Ball, Wave Dancer Charters

Updated: June 30th 2017 @ 9:29am

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Hurricanes Rita and Ike destroyed most of the Captain's 264 properties, but they didn't destroy his spirit. Find out why he says he is "the happiest man in the world living a mostly stress free life, doing what I love and meeting the best people in the world, my customers."
Wave Dancer Charters is a World Class Offshore Fishing Company based out of Galveston, Texas. They are a family oriented and kid friendly charter service dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable day on the water.
Our Dream Sporting Trips writer caught up with the busy Captain for an interview. We think you'll enjoy getting to know him. 
Dream Sporting Trips 
How did you get into this business? What made you decide to become a fishing guide?
Captain Greg Ball 
FullSizeRender-1.jpgI have been fishing the Gulf of Mexico with my Dad my whole life, really since I could walk (over 45 years). My dream has always been when I retired from my real job to become a full time fishing guide doing offshore and deep sea charters. I’ve had a boat since I was in the 6th grade in school and know the waters in and around the Bay and the Gulf. And I used to fish on a charter boat in the Gulf a lot growing up with my Dad and his friend who owned the boat.

So, in 2005 I had been in the real estate rental business for over 20 years and a little hurricane named Rita came blowing through and took most of the 264 properties I owned away. Being the kind of person I am, I started rebuilding and re-renting, then in 2008 before they were all back up again, Hurricane Ike came in with a huge storm surge and flooded everything I had. At that point I was ready to throw in the towel and go fishing for the rest of my life. I owned a 34’ Hatteras Sports fishing yacht at the time and so I put her in full-time commission doing fishing charters, sold all my property to an investor (in which he rebuilt), and I am now the happiest man in the world living a mostly stress free life, doing what I love and meeting the best people in the world, my customers.
Dream Sporting Trips 
That's amazing! Tell us, where do you take your clients to fish?
Captain Greg Ball 
Depending on what kind of trip my customers book with me determines where we go and fish. If they book a half or full-day close offshore trip, we usually fish around the jetties and the ship channel. If it’s a 6-hour kingfish or shark trip, we fish anywhere in the Gulf from the beachfront out to 15-20 miles and around shrimp boats, wrecks, reefs, and platforms. And then, of course, for the 8 or 12-hour Deep Sea trip, we go anywhere from 20-80 miles offshore and fish lots of different structures, rigs, wrecks, rocks, humps, coral, seaweed patches, and more.
Dream Sporting Trips 
What is your personal favorite fish to catch? What fish do your clients primarily request to fish?
Captain Greg Ball 
I love catching King Mackerel! They are very fast, some up to 50 mph and put up a very strong fight. I also love catching Dorado (Mahi Mahi) and Cobia. But really. all fish are fun to me. We primarily fish for Red Snapper, Cobia, Dorado, King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, and Black Fin Tuna, Amberjack, Grouper, lots of species of Snapper, Barracuda, big Sharks, and others and we do also catch an occasional Sailfish. 

Dream Sporting Trips 
Is there a particularly exciting fishing adventure you'd care to share with our readers?
Captain Greg Ball 
Every fishing adventure that I go on is exciting to me, but probably the most exciting one recently was when I had 6 guys during Red Snapper season and they wanted to catch their limit of Snapper/ They also wanted some Dorado (Mahi Mahi), Cobia (Ling), King Mackerel, and Sailfish and then wanted to stop back by the jetties and catch some 20-30 lb. Bull Redfish.
Well, they caught a record limit of (12) 20-25 lb. Snapper, about 25 or 30 school Dorado, 2 Cobia, a limit (12) King Mackerel, hooked about a 6 ft. Sailfish and was able to get it all the way up to the boat before losing it, then we headed in, stopped at the jetties and caught a limit (6) of big Bull Redfish and a couple Jack Crevalle and a Black Tip Shark to boot!
Most offshore Charter Captains say that some days you’re a hero and some days you’re a zero. Well, most days I’m a hero, but that day, I was a big Hero!!
Dream Sporting Trips
What is the most commonly asked question you get from potential customers/clients?
Captain Greg Ball
The most common question I get asked is about the weather and the seas and about how many fish they can expect to catch on their trip.
Dream Sporting Trips 
Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?
Captain Greg Ball 
FullSizeRender_9.jpgWe are a family run charter company with family values. My son is my partner and has been the last 6 years since he turned 18 and received his 100 Ton Master Captain's license. My other Captains are all family men, most with small children. We all love children and always look forward to having them on our boats to teach them and watch them reel in something big and strong and to see that big smile. We all love making good memories that will last a lifetime for every customer--Man, Woman or Child--who comes aboard one of our boats.
We keep the latest and best of everything available at all times on all our boats from tackle to rod and reels to navigational equipment like Radar, GPS, VHF Radio, Bottom Machines, and safety gear. Last year all our boats got upgraded with new motors. They all have a head (restroom), all safety equipment such as life preservers, throw rings, life rafts, satellite phones, EPIRBs, flares, and all the latest and best safety equipment available.

We want to make sure that our customers have a safe, enjoyable day on the water and not have to worry about anything but catching fish and enjoying the day and having a world class experience with Wave Dancer Charters.


What do others say?

"An awesome crew! You can't go wrong spending time on waters with them! Hope to see you all again soon." - John Quinn
"We had an awesome time with this charter. The crew was awesome and absolutely the friendliest people to be out on the water with. We had a blast fishing. Thank you so much Wave Dancer Charters for everything you did for my family God Bless Yall." - Tracy VanValkenburg
"Capt Zach and Mate Jerry worked nonstop to assure we had the best fishing experience possible. Fileted our catch and sent us away grinning ear to ear. Thanks guys." - Joshua Vieau
"Had an epic time aboard the Wave Dancer today! 3 of us fishing with John working the deck like a mad-man, and Captain Greg putting us on the fish. Currents were hurting the bottom fish but whacked em' on top! Very proud of my 55" King. Broke off on a monster Cobia. Excellent time and great guys. Will definitely be recommending. Thanks." - Brian Estess

So, who's ready for a fishing trip?

For details on the different charters offered, the boats, and how to get in touch with the Captain, click on this link:

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