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Family Fishing Charters - Making Memories Count

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Updated: June 25th 2016 @ 1:11am

We have a saying here at Dream Sporting Trips: "Memories last a lifetime, so make sure they're good!"

When you're a child, the start of summer stretches out with promises of long days and nothing but fun times. Remember when, as a child, you couldn't wait to go fishing--the anticipation of reeling in a whopper almost made it impossible to sleep the night before. You learned to bait the hook and after fumbling through a cast or two, you learned the even more challenging lesson of patience while waiting for the bobber to move. 

Now it's your turn to pass on the skills and the legacy of fishing to your children or grandchildren. There is no better way for the entire family to enjoy the experience of fishing than by chartering a boat.

Many charters cater to families and the extra attention can be a lifesaver. The captain and crew will take extra good care of your children, so YOU can enjoy the outing, too! More often than not, nothing makes a captain happier than teaching a child to catch that big fish all by themselves (or with a little help).

When you're selecting a charter guide, don't hesitate to pick up the phone and ask them questions. 

  • Do you provide smaller rods and reels for children to use?
  • Do you offer special pricing for large family groups?
  • Do you charge for children under a certain age?
  • Do you charge less for family members that just want to ride along to be with the family but who don't want to fish? 
  • Do you furnish beverages for the children? Should we bring our own snacks?

In advance of your fishing trip:

  • Practice "lawn casting" at the house in advance so your child gets an idea of the motion.
  • Demonstrate how to tie a knot and bait the hook.
  • Explain general safety ideas--such as 'watch where the hook is at all times!' Once children are on the water, they may be too wound up to focus.
  • Demonstrate patience. You will likely need more patience than you can imagine. Lost lures, knots, dropped worms--you name it. The key is to positively reinforce their attempt to learn to fish, and shake off the minor setbacks. Stay positive and encouraging.
  • Explain that catching a fish isn’t the only goal and may not even happen. It is just as important to be outside, experiencing everything that’s in nature. That way, if you don’t catch any fish, you can talk about the birds you’ve seen, the tracks in the mud, etc.

The concept behind Dream Sporting Trips was born from our love of the outdoors, a love we know that you share. This site’s aim is to help you enjoy your passion by making it easy to find the trips you want. After all, why should fun be hard work? A trip is an investment in time, money but, more importantly, memories. Great trips are priceless, so don't settle for a trip that’s anything less than great.

Go ahead! Book a charter trip today and give your family memories that will last for a lifetime. 


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